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Recensione: ASR-One by ASR Formula

Una nuova protagonista eccellente del panorama monoposto F1 in ambito modding: il team italiano ASR Formula ha creato una vera vettura da F1 moderna, chiamata ASR-One e recentemente resa disponibile sia per Assetto Corsa che per rFactor 2!
ASR-One by ASR Formula

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Ci sono già oltre 280 piloti italiani nella community Simracing.GP di DrivingItalia, per correre gratis gare e tornei "for fun" con Assetto Corsa ed Assetto Corsa Competizione! A breve anche RaceRoom ed Automobilista 2
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RaceRoom: WTCC 2016 pack in arrivo


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew
We are bringing you a new Season of the popular World Touring Car Championship.​


Including all cars from the 2016 Season.


As a highlight we will introduce the brand new Volvo S60 Polestar TC1.


Based on the S60 sedan, the four-door was developed by Polestar, Volvo's performance division, and will be campaigned in the WTCC by Cyan Racing.


Car Data:
: 4-cylinder, 1595 cc, Drive–E Volvo
Drive: FWD
Power: 400 HP
Max rpm: 8500 rpm
Gearbox: 6-speed sequential
Suspension: MacPherson front and rear, adjustable Öhlins dampers
Brakes front: 4-piston caliper, 390mm ventilated discs
Brakes rear: 2-piston caliper, 280mm ventilated discs
Rims: 18″ with five-bolt pattern
Body: Steel and carbon fibre
Weight: 1100 kg


Stay tuned for more information!



fonte Sector3 forum

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  • 6 months later...
  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Non se ne parlava più addirittura da settembre scorso, ma sembra che finalmente sia giunta l'ora del nuovo WTCC 2016 pack per RaceRoom Racing Experience. Il team Sector3 ha infatti confermato sui social l'arrivo a breve del DLC che implementerà nel software la passata stagione del mondiale turismo, includendo anche la nuova Volvo S60 Polestar, che ci viene mostrata in azione al Nordschleife nell'ultimo video realizzato da Georg "6e66o" Ortner (che vi ricordiamo è un membro dello staff Sector3).

Inoltre il prossimo update ci offrirà anche la novità delle bandiere con tutte le relative regole.


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Io questi non li capiro' mai, fra pochi giorni comincia il wtcc 2017 e loro pubblicano il 2016... Poi quest'anno non ci sono auto nuove (anzi ce ne e' qualcuna meno), bastava fare due skins e si sarebbero finalmente allineati, invece niente.

Capisco che devono vendere il 2016, il 2017, ecc. ma tanto alla fine se le auto ce le hai paghi solo le skins, proprio non li capisco

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

il problema è ovviamente quello della licenza ufficiale

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Il team Sector3 ha appena rilasciato il nuovo update per il suo RaceRoom Racing Experience. L'aggiornamento, oltre ai consueti bugfix e migliorie varie, implementa anche le nuove regole relative alle bandiere in gara (gialla, rossa, blu...) e l'atteso nuovo pacchetto WTCC 2016, che per euro 7,97 (acquistabile da qui) ci offre le vetture della passata stagione del mondiale turismo.

What’s New (Summary)

  • Flags
  • WTCC 2016


  • Changed so upon finishing a race with a slowdown penalty still active, the player will receive a penalty of 30 seconds added to his final result.
  • Fixed issue with video options breaking when switching monitors with same resolution but different refresh rates.
  • Changed so the slowdown time penalty you receive now factors in the actual track distance you have skipped to fix issue with finishing without receiving a penalty for cutting.
  • Changed so if the accumulated slowdown time penalty exceeds the set post-race time penalty for finishing a race with a slow down on your head, you are now disqualified from the race. Current limit is set to 30 seconds.
  • Fixed refueling sound continuing when refueling and returning back to garage in practice.
  • Fixed issue where "Pit timer" from previous event was showing when player was in a new session after completing an event with mandatory pitstop with a minimum pitstop duration.
  • Fixed an issue where player was sometimes able to change fuel when fuel usage was off. Player car will now always use default fuel amount if fuel usage is off.
  • Fixed issue with time of day setting not applying for race 2 and 3.
  • Fixed so slowdown cannot reach more seconds than post race penaltytime.
  • Xbox One controller profile: Swapped shift down and drs buttons so they match the 360 controller button layout.
  • Fixed Xbox One controller vibration issue.
  • Changed automatic DNF logic to allow players to stand still with their engine off if they're close to their pit box. So players can take breaks during long races without getting retired.
  • Changed so replay is no longer saved when crossing the finish line but only paused. It is now saved and closed when player finishes the race.
  • Fixed so headlights now strobe for 2 sec when button is clicked, or continuously if held.
  • Shadow splits are now always enabled.
  • Tweaked rumble pad/xinput ffb by disabling high speed constant rumble (steer force), rumble on grass and gravel (covered by slip effects) and engine vibrations.
  • Added missing return so now players get returned to menu if the pit window range is invalid for single race or championships.
  • Added session length format to shared memory. (if the session is time based, lap based or time+lap based).
  • Increased shared memory minor version to 5.
  • Various tweaks and fixes to data displays


  • Support for displaying VR sessions on a monitor. (New control to map : “VR Toggle Monitor view”)
    Note: What's displayed on the monitor is a cropped copy of the left eye render for the VR headset. The crop avoids including the eye's hidden area mask and maintains the monitor window's aspect ratio. The overlays (menus, etc.) are rendered flatly on top of the cropped VR eye render.
  • The mouse cursor is no longer shown on the monitor window unless the game is set to show the VR session on the monitor.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

  • Various AI tweaks and improvements
  • AI: spread out their pitstops more also in shorter races
  • AI: moved what they consider middle of race in lapped races back one lap
  • Idle engine sounds no longer include a slight presence of on-throttle samples
  • Fixed a case where brake sounds could be heard when standing still and steering
  • Brake sounds: ramp/fade/blend speeds/pressure settings improved for all cars except FRX, FR2 and FRUS
  • Audi TT RS VLN: AI speed tweaks
  • Aquila : AI speed tweaks
  • BMW M1 Procar : Chase camera tweaks
  • BMW M6 GT3 - Engine Throttle volume increased in cockpit
  • Formula Raceroom US : new sounds, AI speed tweaks
  • WTCC 14 and WTCC 13 : tweaks to fuel burn and fuel estimates
  • WTCC TC1 : tweaked action cameras
  • Karlskoga : lap not counting when passing through pitlane
  • Hungaroring : tightened cut track detection
  • Macau : Added TV camera sets
  • Monza : cut track detection tweaks
  • Moscow: Added helicopter sound sample to aerial TV cameras, cut track detection fixed on FIM layout
  • Paul Ricard 2A: TV camera to see the starting grid properly
  • RaceRoom Raceway: Added TV cameras sets
  • Sonoma IRL layout: Tweak AI lines
  • Zandvoort : Tweaked AI lines


  • WTCC TC1 cars : New driver animation
  • Switched Macau light setting to same as Paul Ricard.
  • Bathurst - removed tirewall blocker in mountain chicane
  • Zolder - Fixed weird bushes and smoothed track bumps a bit further

Portal & Backend:

  • Changed Leaderboard divisions to work on a percentage based system.
Division 1 0.00% 2.00% of best laptime.
Division 2 2.00% 4.00%,
Division 3 4.00% 6.00%
Division 4 6.00% 8.00%,
Division 5 8.00% 10.00%,
Division 6 10.00% 12.00%
Division 7 12.00%+
  • Fixed so when a content is set to be free e.g. for a weekend it is not excluded from packs (essential and class packs) and still gets added as owned upon purchase.
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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew
On 4/4/2017 at 2:19 PM, biancazzurro said:

non ti seguo, se non pagano quella del 2016 e pagano il 2017 non credo ci sia differenza, anzi ci sono meno marchi...

differenza c'è invece, evidentemente la stagione "vecchia" costa molto meno

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Hotfix Patch

  • Fixed issue where the 2 new released BMW M6 liveries (#19 and #20) were not visible in the menus.
  • Fixed issue where the game client was sending empty password to server regardless of what the player entered when joining a Multiplayer session on a password protected server.
  • Fixed an issue where game was pausing for some players by removing the automatic pause that gets triggered when game loses focus.
  • Fixed issue where spectator clients were not able to join multiplayer servers.
  • Fixed a flag issue where a car that caused the yellow could not be safely overtaken.
  • Disabled blue flag penalties for the moment as certain players were maliciously using it to destroy other players’ races. It will still show blue flag warning but no penalty will be handed
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