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Simracing Academy: il 29 Ottobre si parte con Aris Vasilakos

Il mitico Aris ci parlerà naturalmente di dinamica del veicolo, non farà mancare i suoi consigli e risponderà alle domande degli allievi. Difficile cominciare meglio la nostra Academy!
Il 29 Ottobre si parte con Aris

Parte 2 Simracing Academy: traiettoria ed uso della pista

Per risultare efficienti ed efficaci in pista è necessario comprendere che la guida in circuito è differente da quella a cui siamo abituati. La prima differenza che salta subito all’occhio? Scopriamolo con la seconda parte della Simracing Academy. Iscriviti alle lezioni pratiche che partono il 29 Ottobre!
Parte 2 Simracing Academy

Parte 1 Simracing Academy: dinamica veicolo ed iscrizioni aperte

Aspiranti simdrivers, benvenuti nella prima parte della Simracing Academy, la scuola per comprendere i concetti fondamentali per progredire dal livello di principianti a quello di esperti della guida simulata. L'Academy è utile anche ai piloti con una certa esperienza, per approfondire ed effettuare test pratici
Parte 1 Simracing Academy: dinamica veicolo

Le auto più belle del simracing: Ferrari F1 2000

Un altro V10, un altro pezzo di storia della Formula 1: forse uno dei più importanti, visto che quella che andremo a scoprire in questa monografia è la monoposto che riportò il Titolo Mondiale Piloti a Maranello dopo ben 21 anni di astinenza dall’ultimo conquistato da Jody Scheckter nel 1979...
Ferrari F1 2000

Content Manager (aka alternative launcher)


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

A custom launcher and content management app for Assetto Corsa. Still in development, so not all of its features are available yet.


Kunos career:


RSR (also, there is a Chrome extension for starting an event or installing a setup directly from main web-browser):


Replays managing (including quick sharing):


Car setups managing (again, with sharing):


Car selection:


Also, flexible filtering:


Track selection:


AC settings (works good with presets):


System settings:


Quick Switches (allows, for example, to change controls preset in couple of clicks):


Lite Custom Showroom for skins drawing:


Fancy Custom Showroom for extra fanciness with SSLR and stuff (but overall quite useless):


Cars management:


Livery editor:


Previews updating:


Skins management:


Fonts & PP-filters management:


What you can do with Content Manager now:

  • Quick Drive: practice, hotlap, time attack, drift, race, weekend:
    • Save and load presets;
    • Share presets in one click (that’s how it looks);
    • Configure assists (with presets, including user presets);
    • Drive in real conditions based on actual time, temperature and weather;
    • Group cars and tracks by brands, countries and categories, categories could be customized;
    • Find specific car with flexible filters (by author, by tag, by country, by specs, etc.; logical expressions supported as well);
    • Build an interesting grid based on filters or Lua-scripts (could be customized);
    • Change start location for drift or practice;
    • Set AI strength to a range instead of fixed value;
    • Set bounds wider: up to 999 laps, down to 30% AI strength (optionable);
    • Fine value tuning (just click number above slider; when input area is focused, use arrows to change value; hold Shift to change step to 10);
  • Kunos career:
    • Select car skin (optionable);
    • Change AI level (optionable);
  • RSR (could be disabled in settings):
    • Start an event from built-in browser (similar to the original launcher);
    • Quickly install car setups from it;
    • Select car skin;
    • Configure assists;
    • Or use chrome extension for starting hotlapping or installing setups in one click directly from browser;
    • Set special driver name for RSR;
    • Automatically enable/disable RSR form;
  • Sim Racing System (could be disabled in settings):
    • Start an event from built-in browser (similar to the original launcher);
    • Pre-race notifications;
  • Manage car setups:
  • Manage replays:
    • Check what track, car, car skin or weather is there;
    • Filter by car, track, date, weight, etc;
    • Rename, delete;
    • Save replays automatically after each race;
    • Share using Google Drive (something like that);
    • Add “.acreplay” extension to all of your replays (optional);
    • Start replays directly from Windows Explorer by associating “.acreplay”-files with Content Manager;
  • Manage cars:
    • Disable or delete them;
    • Fix some popular problems (such as damaged json-file, missing parent or brand logo);
    • Change brand’s badge;
    • Create a new upgrade icon (or select one from extendable library);
    • Find information online;
    • Changing car’s sound (could help for some obsolete mods);
    • Update car previews in Kunos-style (or any of your own) with 4k resolution for best quality;
    • Keyboard shortcuts almost for everything;
    • App can recalculate P/W ratio automatically;
    • Or rebuild curves and recalculate power and torque values using in-game data;
    • Filtering tabs have keyboard shortcuts similar to usual web-browsers (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, …, Ctrl+Tab, F6, Ctrl+T, Ctrl+W, Ctrl+Shift+T);
  • Manage skins:
    • Again, disable or delete them;
    • Fix some popular problems (such as missing livery.png or preview image);
    • Edit livery.png using special editor with 6 styles and 14 shapes;
  • Manage apps, fonts, PP-filters and weather:
    • As usual, disable or delete them;
    • Test fonts;
    • See a list of cars which use specific font;
    • Edit and share PP-filters;
    • Specify which weather should be used for which real-life weather;
    • Weather editor with graphical interface;
    • Custom clouds for weather;
  • Change AC settings:
    • Apps (including forms), with presets;
    • Video, audio, view and UI;
    • Controls settings with sharing (FFB settings could be shared separately);
    • System settings: developer apps, free camera, promixity indicator, mirrors, ghost parameters, etc.;
    • Quick switches allowing to change controls or apps preset and other popular settings in couple of clicks;
  • Custom showroom:
    • Pretty close materials rendering;
    • Works with DX10;
    • Skin drawing mode: auto-reload skin textures, load psd-files instead of dds (as a temporary solution for adjusting);
    • UV export (
    • Update ambient shadows (before/after, before/after);
    • Start showroom directly from Windows Explorer by associating “.kn5”-files with Content Manager;
  • Install cars, tracks and showrooms by dragging them into the window;
  • See recently added content;
  • See previews for common showrooms;
  • Customize app appearance, such as theme color;
  • App will try to guess an year for cars using built-in database (a bit obsolete though);
  • Will watch file system and reload content automatically (still could be buggy, that was an extra difficult place).

More information (including download links) is here. Or you can download it directly. Oh, and don’t forget to install addons if you want some additional features (such as PSD loading for custom showroom)! Some other features, such as online or tracks managing, are still not finished. I’m working on them now (you can always check how it goes here).


fonte AC forum

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Ciao mi pareva di aver capito che si poteva installare le mod in una directory a parte lasciando l'installazione di assetto corsa pulito, sapete se si puo' fare? grazie

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  • 2 months later...

Ciao a tutti! Chi di voi usa questo Content Manager? Mi incuriosisce, ma ho alcuni dubbi:

-É possibile fare i Custom Championship?

-Sostituisce definitivamente il Launcher predefinito? Se non mi piacesse il CM, come tornare al launcher predefinito?

-Quali caratteristiche mancano alla versione lite?

Spero possiate aiutarmi! 

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Ilja Jusupov "X4FAB", autore del Content Manager, è al lavoro su altre novità...

Hi! My name is Ilja Jusupov, and I’ve been creating some modifications for a racing simulator called Assetto Corsa for the last 3 years. I’ve made things like an alternative open-source launcher called Content Manager (with Custom Showroom), new content, or that custom shaders patch adding things like dynamic lights, flexible and damageable tyresvertex AO or new AI behavior.
With your help, I’m able to spend more time working on these and new projects, and adding more and more features to the custom shaders patch. And you’ll get a key to AC Content Manager, which will grant you an early access to the new features!



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