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Direct Drive Life by James High

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Nuovo Youtube show dedicato al simracing, qui di seguito la prima puntata


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We've got a big show for you sim racers! Where to begin!? Shields Bergstrom returns unexpectedly soon for another sim session with the OSW, driving the Ruff RT12r in iRacing at Virginia International.
While staying true to the unique test-&-tinker formula from episode 1, we dial in a great profile for MMos and Sim Vibe for the Ruff as per Shields' recommendations. Then we talk shop, covering the topic of grip, tire pressure, and how to "feel" out your car, and get to know your limits. Then the fun begins, as Shields attempts the impossible; taking out the Lotus 49 in iracing for a nutty ride at Mount Panorama in; The Bathurst Challenge!
- barreling down a mounting without crashing has never been more fun...and impossible.

After Shields departs, I take a quick look at the new Oculus Rift and throw some quick tips out there. Also look forward to the Sportline V Sportline shootout / showdown; Two 300 mm all-rounder suede rims from Sportline are tested, compared, and only one of them comes out victorious.
Later on, I give you a world first, in-car (literally) review of the Nvidia GTX 1070, proving just how unqualified I am to be doing a review of a graphics card.
And lastly, The Direct Drive Life Sim Rig of the Month segment makes its debut, featuring a green monster rig from sim racing gear guru, Simon Povey, who's rocking some of the highest end sim racing gear you can get your hands on.
Shows won't likely run this long in upcoming episodes, but there was so much content coming together this week, it allowed for a nice variety. Something for everyone! Sim racing, High-end gear, driving theory, vintage death traps on mountains, humor, and James Hunt! Watch it ALL!
Subscribe, like, and always feel free to post up a comment or ask a question!
My apologies for not including my own rig walk-around (again). The Walk-around of my own home rig will be coming soon, and will also mark the official jump to true 1080p 60 frames per second recording of all content going forward! smooth sailing ahead...

1:00 Shields Bergstrom goes Iracing with the OSW to dial in theRuff RT12R

24:00 - Bathurst Challenge

27:12 - Oculus Rift Unboxing

28:39 - Oculus Rift tips & Impressions

33.25 - Sportline Vs Sportline Shoutout

40:22 - Road review of the GTX 1070

44:32 - Sim Rig of the Month


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