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F1 2012 HD Graphics patch

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Authentic 2012 Season.


100% texture update. No AI tweaks or any other game-changing mods.


Texture improvements:

Collection of the best HD car textures for all 2012 season cars by pebz, etc

Track Update HD by dejanibanez

2012 Season advertising boards and podiums by Reddvers

Collection of the best HD steering wheels for each team

HD Driver suits and gloves

Team uniforms and correct garage sponsor textures

Fusion HiDef Tyres

NeffO´s Drawing Distance Mod F1 2012 1.2

Sound Dolby Digital 1.0 Improved Audio and Engine Sound (Full Bass)

To Install

Run game at least once before installing.

Just copy over the the contents of the F12012 directory and overwrite everything when prompted.


Visor View Mod Key Controls

'HOME' key is toggle for on/off this MOD manually. The visor will appear automatically when it should. Generally, you don't need to use this key.

'M' key is toggle for open/close visor.(this feature is only activated 'open.dds' is loaded.)

',' and '.' are changed previous and next team visor texture.(this feature is only activated team texture mode)

'N' is tearoff(clear visor).(this feature is only activated dirt.dds is loaded.)


winrar password: f12012

Packed 1.77Gb, Unpacked 5.62 Gb.

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