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Audi A1 S1 - Real VS Assetto Corsa


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Hello chaps, we're back with a more "human" car this time... Audi A1 S1, AWD, 2litres turbo and... heavy-ish.

The car is not yet available on AC but you know it's coming and of course we're working on it, measuring and driving it. What can I say about the car? Well it feels faster than the tech spec numbers a very willing engine to rev up.
Obviously, big amounts of understeer as you might expect... but also some interesting findings. First of all and most evident, is the fact that you can do driving techniques that are usually thought as completely lunatic and arcade (at least on asphalt) and the car will simply do everything you expect.
As a matter of fact, I had tested such driving on the sim, before going on track with the real car. I know I should trust our sim, but still I was impressed to be able to do such extreme driving, right on the 3rd lap of my first try with the car. Also shows the level of development of modern cars and tyres of course.
All in all, i was not expecting to have a fun day or a fun video with this car, but in the end we learned more than we have hoped...
Side note, the car as a daily street car is small but very well build, very high quality. Check also Maurizio's test video.



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