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Full Metal USB H-Shifter

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Hi Everybody!

My name is Gábor Hermann

The device :


Let's talk about the shifter a bit.
Why is this good or better than the others?
- It's made of 39 metal pieces.
- It has a few hundreds of bolts in it.
- So it can easily be fixed, repaired even at home.
- Every parts of it is changeable. It does not contain glued, welded pieces.

It sounds good, doesn't it?

Moreover the feeling of shifting is the best as possible.
Little castors are rapped around the gear stick so you can feel it perfectly when you put it in gear.
-Dimensions 105mm x 280mm x 165mm Weight: 1350g
-Driver is not required, plug it in USB port 2.0/3.0 and it works.


-It works with almost all the operating systems. 
 (Tested with 32/64bit Microsoft Windows OS) 
-It has 6 speeds and a reverse.


 (I don't know any cars with manual shifter in it that has more speeds but if any exists it must me very  rare.)
-The knob is duroplast ball (d=45mm) It can be taken off any time and changed into an conversial shifter knobs for cars.


-It works with every known Simulator Software, and it was tested with them.
(Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, IRacing, Raceroom, rFactor, Dirt Rally, etc...)

How to set it?
- Turn on the automatic natural speed ()
- Set the 7 gears in game.
- And Play! :)

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