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R3E: Sector3 lavora al Nordschleife

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Il team Sector3 ha iniziato il lavoro di sviluppo del suo tracciato del Nurburgring Nordschleife, che sarà inserito in RaceRoom Racing Experience.
So it begins!


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We wish all our friends a Merry Christmas!
Enjoy the holidays and get ready for a great new year in 2016!






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We are working hard to make 2016 as exciting as last year, with new features, cars and tracks coming to R3E and a few other surprises you will hear more from soon!
For now we´d like to thank you all for your support and present you the current status of the long awaited Nürburgring-Nordschleife in a full lap onboard preview.
The artists are still very busy adding more details to the track, aiming to deliver you the best Nordschleife Experience possible.
We promise you the wait will be worth it. Enjoy!

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The "Green Hell" will soon be released in RaceRoom! Check out the extensive preview on the Sector3 Studios forum, to see what has gone into creating the track and to learn what layouts will be included: http://bit.ly/NordschleifePreview
The Nordschleife will be included in the upcoming patch!

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The longest, most beautiful & challenging race track also known as the "Green Hell" will soon be released in RaceRoom!


It has been our first track that we built using laserscan data which has helped us a lot in the development process.


Additional data was kindly provided by our closely affiliated partners at KW Suspensions.


Actual suspension data from the KW 7-post rig helped us finetuning the road properties as well as upgrading some of our cars (but more on that later).


The result is a highly accurate driving surface, including all the elevations, cambers and bumps matching the real track to the highest degree possible.


Getting the environment and surroundings of the track right was also a high priority for us,
as many of the objects next to the road serve as important reference points to the drivers.


Our track artists, and especially @Alex Hummler have a special relation to the Nordschleife, having visited the track many times in person, be it during the world famous 24h Race, driving tourist laps or as a passenger in actual VLN cars.


Capturing the unique atmosphere of the 24h Race was extremely important to us,
and we are proud to say that the unseen level of detail and uncountable hours of work we put in this project, have achieved exactly that.


You will almost smell the BBQ's when approaching famous track sections like "Hatzenbach", "Brünnchen" or "Schwalbenschwanz"


Included in the Release are the following Track Layouts:

  • Nordschleife
  • Nordschleife Tourist
  • Nordschleife VLN
  • Nordschleife 24h

Each of them featuring its own characteristics.


This is the layout without the GP track attached. Timing starts and ends after "T13" next to the "old paddock"


Car manufacturers typically use it to test their cars and set official lap records.


It is also the closest version to the "pre 1983" layout, before the GP track was built, making it a good match for historical cars.


Nordschleife Tourist:
On this layout you will start off on the famous Tourist carpark, next to the long straight known as "Döttinger Höhe", which serves as a meeting point for many car enthusiast from all around the world.


Exit through the gate and enjoy the 20 km of pure driving pleasure ahead of you.


This layout is using the so called "Bridge To Gantry" Timing method, as it isnt possible to complete a whole lap without stopping. Your laptime will start at the Bilstein Bridge and end at the Audi Gantry.


Although technically this layout is a Point-to-Point track, you will still be able to race there online and against AI.


Nordschleife VLN:
This is the layout used by the popular german VLN Series, holding regular races on the Nordschleife featuring a wide variety of different car classes, ranging from small road legal cars to professional factory teams racing GT3 cars.


The layout includes the short variant of the GP track, adding up to a total length of 24.4 km.


Nordschleife 24h:
The annual Nürburgring 24h Race is a Highlight for many race drivers and fans, and we made sure you will experience exactly why that is.


The 24h Layout includes the full GP track, minus the Mercedes-Benz Arena, which due to the sheer amount of teams competing in the race, is needed as an extended paddock area.


As you enter the first corners on the Nordschleife in the "Hatzenbach" Area you will pass the first campsites the fans built to watch the race.


Everyone who has followed the 24h Race, or had the pleasure to be there himself, knows that it is the biggest Motorsport Party of the world.


In the past, the 24h Race Weekend featured various support races, such as the DTM


Since 2015 the WTCC also included the Nordschleife in its calendar, driving there during the 24h weekend.


Not long, and the wait will finally be over.
The Nordschleife will be included in the upcoming patch!

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