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After the NSX is finalized, I'm going to port my Corvette C6 models to AC as well.

David will provide the physics, and I think we need sounds (sound guy?).

There will be 4 variants: Coupe, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1.
I'm not quite sure yet about the model years of each variant. All cars have 2009 year interior. The Coupe has 2005 wheels though.


post-25-0-39749400-1424597607_thumb.jpg post-25-0-97849900-1424597608_thumb.jpg post-25-0-09779600-1424597610_thumb.jpg post-25-0-66965600-1424597612_thumb.jpg post-25-0-40842800-1424597614_thumb.jpg post-25-0-23820300-1424597616_thumb.jpg

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