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[AC] International Formula Masters 2009 by CTDP

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Nome file: International Formula Masters 2009 by CTDP

Autore del file: Uff

File inserito: 08 Feb 2015

Categoria del file: Open Wheelers Mods

International Formula Masters 2009
A free game addon for Assetto Corsa

The premier mod by CTDP for Assetto Corsa brings you the 2009 season of with all competing cars and drivers.

A strive for realism
The International Formula Master (IFM) was a supporting series in 2009 thought as a stepping stone into the GP2. The cars were manufactured by Italian based company Tatuus and were comparable to smaller single seaters like the Formula 3 cars.

Such physics, very wow!
We got our hands on the original user manual of the Honda K20A engine and Tatuus chassis and had access to more real data as ever before. This helped in creating highly realistic physics for IFM 2009 so you can feel like a real race driver.

And bonus features!
The addon includes all cars of all teams and drivers, a setup guide, and detailed templates to create your own car livery.

New damage graphic
Adjusted driver hands
Adjusted FFB multiplier
Adjusted proview mode settings
Compiled into data.acd

Special Thanks to SandroX for upgrading the driver hands and damage texture.
New graphic buttons
New preview screens
Fixed collider pivot point
Fixed TC and ABS to default off
Added Rossi alternative HiTech livery
Added Provenzano altertnative Trident livery
Added Hillclimb stand alone add on
Fixed aero to be compatible with version 1.1.5 of AC
Adjusted tire and wheel rim shaders
Fixed cockpit carbon shader
Fixed AO layer on wc car extra (sidepods and wings)
Fixed sound.ini error log
Fixed digital instruments.ini error log
Adjusted tyre slip curve
Fixed aero log issues
Adjusted suspension geometry
Rainlight default to off
Added rearlight options to "YOUR CAR" folder
Adjusted driver hands
Fixed and eliminated the green bar at end of digital led display on the steering wheel
Adjusted and changed digital display output on steering wheel
Fixed Seatbelt mesh
Updated and adjusted sounds for version 1.1.5
Fixed white box pop-in graphics bug issue on the front and back rims of the lods
Optimized lods for better fps
Bug Fixes

  • Corrected aero and updated values.
  • Corrected suspension and pick up points.
  • Adjusted Steering Lock.
  • Corrected drive train values.
  • Corrected Geometry.
  • Adjusted Engine Values.
  • Adjusted Tyre values.

Special thanks to Dustin Kutchara (bobskype) for taking the time to help us correct these values and Yagami - Andre for helping with driver animation. Enhancements

  • Shaders updated to latest release standards.
  • Update to ui screen to reflect physic’s corrections.
  • Fixed hand animation to include more frames.

ey10XIes.jpg dl2QUyGs.jpg YEgcodPs.jpg 0ouCpRps.jpg

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