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[AC] Audi TT Cup 2015 by Tommy78

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Audi TT Sport Cup 2015 for Assetto Corsa

Release Date : 31st of August, 2015

DOWNLOAD https://tpongracz.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/audi-tt-sport-cup-2015-for-assetto-corsa/

Title : Audi TT Sport Cup 2015
Author : Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78) e-mail: tpongracz@yahoo.co.uk
Blog : https://tpongracz.wordpress.com
Description : Add-On mod for Assetto Corsa


Version: 1.0

Mod : Scratch-made model by me (Tommy78)

Features : Contains almost all currently features, such as animation (driver), damage system, FMOD sound,
Push to Pass System (P2P) physical & visual, Daylight
Contains the 2015 real liveries (19) (Guest driver liveries not included)

Credits :
3D model and textures: Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78)
Physics: Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78)
Sound: Lukas Möllmann
Sound2: contains another internal and external sound, you need to rename in the car sfx folder, delete the
alternate tag
Liveries: Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78) 19
Physics test: Ákos Keszthelyi (Gadfly), József Fatalin (BengA), Krisztián Terényi (Kopi), Tamás Pongrácz (Tommy78),
Róbert Stágl (Bodzzza)
Promo Videos: Ákos Keszthelyi (Gadfly)


Audi TT Sport Cup 2015 Spotter Guide:
ttcup_spotterguide_2015.jpg?w=529&h=485 Edited by VELOCIPEDE

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bit more work on the front section



Bit more detail on the front bumper and on the hood:

gkGcroll.jpg v3zPyqOl.jpg yc2uB41l.jpg gxsDhABl.jpg Zoa22SDl.jpg

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Si sa qualche data della sua uscita?

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