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[AC - Track]Luccaring - Circuito de' Baluardi


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Luccaring - Circuito de' Baluardi

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From now on 2 versions are available: Luccaring v0.9 SD is packaged with reduced textures resolution for better performance on lower end PCs and to fit RaceDepartment maximum upload size limits; Luccaring v0.9 HD is packaged with full resolution textures and is available for download to contributors on the official website www.directo.it/luccaring


LuccaRing SD should look not much different than the HD version up to 1920×1080. If you can afford a powerful PC, a triple monitor setup and a good graphics card with at least 2GB of ram (…and feel you can live with sligthly longer load times), please consider making a donation to enjoy the track in full-res, and to help us with hosting, bandwidth costs and further development. Folder structure and file names of SD and HD versions are exactly the same so they should be fully compatible for online racing. This has not been tested (yet).

  • Added fully 3D Porta San Pietro and Porta Sant’Anna + baked AO
  • Fixed camera facing people .ini values
  • Added mipmaps to most textures
  • Updated several shaders/textures
  • Added more AO bakings (offtrack tarmac, terrain and others)
  • Removed tyre barriers at T7
  • Fixed several trees positions
  • Fixed sponsors positions at Porta San Petro
  • Added missing garden fences/walls (100% done!)
  • Added a few textured and AO baked buildings inside the walls
  • Fixed some floating cardboard grass patches
  • Faster load times (wnet from 20+ secs to 13 secs on my SSD for the HD version, and 8 seconds for the SD version)
  • Splitted some physics surfaces for (slightly) better CPU performance


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