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Baskerville Raceway by Nick Rainbird v0.6

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Baskerville Raceway for Assetto Corsa - By Nick Rainbird


This is my local racetrack, it is a short track with excellent elevation changes that I would liken to a short version of Brands Hatch. I am building the mesh and objects from scratch with the idea that I will try to create an authentic version of the circuit, while keeping the system performance optimised and utilising as many graphical elements as I can from the AC SDK tools.

Download v0.6


Credit goes to Norbs from this very forum for creating the TV cameras for Baskerville.

12 November, 2014 update:
I started this project on 27/08/2014 and it is still in the early stages of development despite myself having spent hundreds of hours on it already. If you like the track and would like to see me complete this project then feel free to send me a small donation through PayPal using the Donate link above.

v0.6 Beta Release (11/11/2014)

- Now supports 24 competitors (20 pits)
- Surrounding terrain elevations
- Tree normals fixed and better placed
- More tree groups and shadowcasting fixes
- Darker track textures
- Surface skidmarks added (alpha textures)
- Surface patches added (mesh and textures)
- Blue curbs with curbstones
- Brake markers added
- Cones added (blue timing cones, red trackday cones)
- Billboards and signs added
- 3D grass added and LOD'ed (maximum world detail only)
- Buildings added (sheds, toilets, starter box)
- Some wire fences added
- Some 3D tyre barriers added and LOD'ed
- Static vehicles added
- Many mesh fixes!
- Most thin tyre barriers have now added tyre tops
- Most of the infield holes now closed
- Textures optimised for all times of day
- Optimised and retextured existing objects
- Added spectators
- Added marshalls
- Sunlight direction optimised
- TV cameras now added (Credit - Norbs)
- Working track map.png


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