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F1 2014: intervista al senior games designer Lee Mather


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Il portale della Red Bull ha avuto l'occasione di intervistare Lee Mather, senior games designer della Codemasters che si sta occupando del prossimo F1 2014. Nell'articolo che potete leggere a questo link, Lee spiega numerosi aspetti e scelte fatte per il nuovo titolo con licenza F1 della casa inglese.


What can we expect to see in scenario mode? How has it been expanded exactly?
The further inclusion of Scenario Mode has allowed us to create even more exciting and challenging scenarios. The real strength of this feature is in allowing those who don’t have hours to dedicate to full race weekends, to still enjoy some of the key aspects of Formula 1 in more manageable bite-sized chunks. Players can experience all areas, such as tyre wear, temperature management, fuel concerns, changeable weather conditions and pit stops amongst other areas.


post-2-0-47224600-1410871770_thumb.jpg post-2-0-03961900-1410871886_thumb.jpg post-2-0-74258600-1410871890_thumb.jpg

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