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AnalogInstruments by NieXS v1.1b


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AnalogInstruments is a race interface mod inspired by Gran Turismo 4/5/6's hood view race interface. It features:

  • Analog tachometer, speedometer (showing drivetrain speed like a real car), fuel and boost gauges
  • Digital gear indicator, shift light and speedometer
  • Gauges showing throttle, brake and clutch pedal positions
  • G-force meter ranging from -2.5 to 2.5 g
  • Digital odometer showing the distance traveled in the session
  • ABS, TCS, ABS OFF and TCS OFF status lights

As well as a tyre monitor:

  • Numerical display for tyre temperature and pressure
  • Visual display of tyre temperature: blue = colder than ideal, white = in optimal range, yellow into red = hotter than ideal
  • Grip monitor: the tyre rim is colored white/yellow/red if tyre is gripping/slipping some/slipping

There are three bundled themes:

  • The default theme, inspired by GT4's hood cam, main window is 1320x250
  • A smaller version of the default theme, 932x180
  • A work-in-progress version of a Gran Turismo 2-style arcade-ish theme


The main app window is 1320x250 by default and the tyre monitor is approximately 120x160. You can change which widgets are displayed and pretty much everything about the app by fiddling with the settings.ini file.

To install just unzip it in Your steam install folder\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python. To activate it, look for "AnalogInstruments" in the app sidebar in-game.

The app's code is also available from Github:

All feedback, suggestions, comments, criticisms and bug reports are welcome!



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