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Il team UnitedRacingDesign ha aggiornato il suo Endurance GT Mod per Assetto Corsa: la versione ora disponibile, per tutti coloro che inviano una donazione al modding team, è la 0.6, che porta con sè vari bugfix ed alcune migliorie grafiche. Nessuna novità invece sul fronte della fisica.


We have updated our EGT for AC. New version is 006. Install procedure is same as before(simply override the older version).
- skind edited and added one for Darche and another one for Venom
- add LODs for all cars
- add seat for Ferrucho
- fixed Ferruccio hood
- slightly changes for cockpit materials
- LCD displays now lit if headlight turned on
(no physics updates in this package)

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Io aspetto la 1.0 RC e poi la 1.0 di questo mod ( che magari arriva dopo la 1.0 definitiva di AC lol ) e poi decido.

Ottima scelta

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nuovi volanti in alta risoluzione

I remake all the steering wheels(Carbon Parts,Buttons,Etc),in 4096x4096 for you guys,just to add a little more of realism to this amazing mod,hope you like it.
Download Links.



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messaggio da URD

As Kunos has released Assetto Corsa V1 we got reports about sounds issue at the moment.
We are not sure yet if all systems have the issues but from reports sofar many dont have sounds at the moment.
We are working to solve this as soon as posibile.
Thank you for understanding!

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We have made quick patch for our EGT AC wich will add sounds and drivers back to after AC 1.0 update.
This are just temporary placeholders until our sound guy will finish Fmod versions.
Installation is same as our DLC, extract the files into your Assetto Corsa installation folder or on your desktop and than copy the folder "content" there.
Sounds replaced for now are like that:
Mercedes GT3 - AM, Corvette, Venom
BMW GT3 - Bayro, Darche
Ferrari GT2 - Ferruccio

Best Regards,

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