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F1 2014: Your Questions Answered

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What new features were you referring to during yesterday’s announcement? 

Here’s some more info on some of the features we talked about during announcement.

  • REFINED CAREER MODE Play through a full Formula One season or choose from shorter seasons, including 7 race and 12 race options.
  • EXPANDED SCENARIO MODE The expanded Scenario mode features a range of different scenarios based on real-world challenges and moments from recent history.
  • REFINED HANDLING The enhanced game physics combined with refined handling via gamepads delivers a more authentic and accessible driving experience for all players.
  • DRIVER EVALUATION SYSTEM Replacing the Young Driver Test in-game is a new driver evaluation system. You’ll be launched right into a one lap race after loading F1 2014 for the first time. After completing the race the game then suggests an appropriate difficulty level dependant on your performance. To encourage the widest range of players to enjoy F1 2014, difficulty levels have been adjusted for periodic progression. Very Easy difficulty level is the most approachable yet for newcomers to the series, whilst the game’s hardest setting, with all of the driving aids switched off, will simulate the technical challenges facing F1 drivers of today.
  • TURBO-CHARGED FORMULA ONE The introduction of turbochargers to the cars this year has increased both overtaking opportunities and the demands placed on drivers, as huge amounts of torque are unleashed under acceleration from these entirely new power units. The turbochargers require greater throttle control than before and, with last year’s high-pitched engine sounds replaced with a deeper growl, F1 2014 players will experience the dramatic effect in handling the world’s most advanced racing cars.
  • ERS DEBUTS Following on from the success of KERS, ERS – Electronic Recovery System – makes a dramatic debut in F1 2014 with 10 times the capacity of last season’s KERS system, ERS now generates an extra 160bhp for around 33 seconds which is delivered to drivers instantly, opening up more overtaking opportunities.

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