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[AC] FC2 - GP2 Series 2014


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File Name: FC2 - GP2 Series 2014

File Submitter: VELOCIPEDE

File Submitted: 13 Jul 2014

File Category: Open Wheelers Mods

Hello and welcome,
Welcome to the re-release of the much loved FC2 2014 mod created by the Formula Corsa Modding team. After many changes and improvements to the base game Assetto Corsa, it is now time to reintegrate this mod for the community. Enjoy the powerful new V8 engine, thunderous backfires and ear popping gear changes in one of the fastest cars in the motorsport world.

ChargingCar - Project manager
Joel Rautavaara - Community Rep
Garry Vale - Logo expert technician, CS6 Pro
Wilmer Chavez - Graphics artist, CS6 Pro
David Dominguez - Physics Guru
Eduard Mallorquí -Physics Tester
Neils Tieman - Helmet Designer
SimonTek - Helmet Designer


FCM FC2-2014 Season 1.3 Released
Special thanks and credits to
F1-S-R For full support including the 3D Model
@NeverKrash For taking the time to redo and rework the audio .
Physics By @David Dominguez
Livery By @Garry Vale

Changelog V1.3
Updated Audio by NeverKrash
Updated ACD


Click here to download this file

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