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rFactor 2 Build 770 update 23

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Unstable rFactor 2 Builds
Build 769 Read more – June 30, 2014

ISI cannot offer support on how to remove an unstable build, reinstall a stable build, etc. This unstable build should only be used by you if you know how to do that already.

I Agree

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Build 769  ...solo due parole   : really impressive :dribble::thumbsup:

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Huff hai ragione soul fatto che rf2 sia un po pesantino e lo avevo già detto io ma rf2 ha più features rispetto per esempio iR che non ha l'illuminazioni dinamiche che ha rf2, quindi la gestione delle ombra dinamiche, nuvole, real road ... che iR non deve gestire senza dimenticare il fatto che iR non ha l'offline quindi non deve gestire nemmeno la IA.

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Sì sì, certamente, sicuramente rF2 quanto a feature è in stato avanzato e alcune sono necessariamente più pesanti di altre. Il confronto che facevo io era tra rF2 e AC proprio per confrontare due sim che al momento hanno l'AI e che in condizioni di gara mi danno risultati diversi: non avendo problemi con la CPU (4670K) e sapendo che la scheda video è attualmente il componente meno aggiornato della mia configurazione, aspettavo questa build di rF2 proprio per capire (come detto) se i problemi di fps che ho sono da imputare all'hardware o al software. Ora, dato che ho visto che con una normale griglia da 22 auto (per di più con un solo 3D, quindi una situazione più semplice da gestire per la scheda video) ho ancora problemi a Indy, ne deduco che il problema sia la mia scheda che non riesce a gestire a dovere la pista, probabilmente perché più pesante di altre.
Per quanto mi riguarda non è un problema, i 64 bit sono un passa avanti importante e sono ben contento che gli ISI si siano mossi in questa direzione. Per il resto cercherò un compromesso con il mio PC. :smile:

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Hmmm, sto notando che la Build 767 graficamente era molto meglio ....


speriamo bene !!

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non ho scaricato la versione 64 bit, ma sembra che stia andando bene e ne sono contento. Sul discorso pesantezza, sicuramente ISI dovrà migliorare ancora, ma tenete conto che AC dovrà implementare tutto il resto, quindi anche se per ora gira liscio come l'olio, non conterei che la cosa rimanga così per AC nel futuro.

In questo momento io ho grossi problemi con la CPU con AC (una Intel 950 I7 da 3,03 ghz), imputabili a varie cause. Se dovessi ragionare in prospettiva, direi ad occhio croce che dovrò cambiare scheda madre e processore :D (ovviamente non solo per AC, mi può venire comoda sta cosa anche per altri programmi)

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build 770 RF2 rilasciata


rFactor 2 Build 770 Now Available!
Highlights of this build are improved memory usage in 32bit, realroad got some major tweaks and is no longer accelerated (unless you want it to be), flag rules without disqualification as an option, lots of AI improvements, new matchmaker technology in the back end, enhanced plugin reporting, some modding tool changes, and various fixes and tweaks. 64bit exes are available to openly test (see below).
As we see a lot of people using out of date SDK builds, don’t forget we also update the dev mode exe with every build! Find it in the dev corner.
Download the new build here.

Update 23 (Build 769-unstable, 770-release) Changelog Jun 30, 2014):
Fixed sun block bug which caused inconsistent occluder values.
Fixed a bug where HUD textures refuse to load.

Experimental 64 Bit builds added. Manual rename of 64 bit executables to 32 bit names required so the launcher can successfully start 64 bit executables.
Upgraded to latest version (9.3k) of Miles Sound System.
Updated projects to latest OpenSSL (1.0.1h)
Support added for gear-specific rev limit offsets.
Added additional Flag Rules option “Full w/o DQ”.
Eliminated race condition that could cause race rejoin to fail.
Added RealRoad timescale multiplier to control how fast the dynamic road changes conditions.
Added the ability to control vehicle- and tire-specific effects on RealRoad.

Optimized memory usage.
Fixed thread safety issue that could produce crash when crossing finish line while recording a best path.
Fixed a problem where remote vehicles might appear to have brakes on all the time (and no steering, either) while viewing from the monitor.
Fixed issue where leftover RealRoad events could be applied in the wrong session.
Fixed inconsistent writing of config.ini if installed to write-restricted path.
Improved collision with temp cars.
Fix reporting of anti-stall to plugins.
Potential fix for exiting game while skin transfer is unfinished.
Needing to update car components will not overwrite any existing parameters from talent/vehicle rcd files. Will only add unique parameters.
Fix problem where you sometimes get a brief blast of vehicles sounds on subsequent track loads.
Fixed issue if server was password protected it would not verify server content was installed on client.

Added OpenMP to Mod Mode and Dev builds (improves speed of TTool).
Added a dev mode AIW editor options to move selected waypoint’s selected path so that the next waypoint (or previous) matches the speed of the waypoint 2 spaces in front (or behind).
Corrected problem where +ptool and +ttool wouldn’t start up properly when using SDK.
Attempt to use AVX (if available) in 64-bit TTool.
Fixed double screenshots in TTool.
Plugins will need to be built in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Please add “_x64″ to the names of the 64-bit version for easier identification, otherwise anybody with a 32-bit version of Windows will get an annoying popup.
Made plugin functions RenderScreenBeforeOverlays() and RenderScreenAfterOverlays() always work in the UI, so that plugins can identify the options page.

UI / HUD / Options:
Added new gizmo action to clear multiplayer password.
Possible fix for HUDs picking up & using unrelated but identically named assets.

Sync up RealRoad on new clients at an accelerated pace.
Changed upload/download speed variable so that higher rates could be set in the dedicated server.
Initialize newly-joined clients to a basic RealRoad value such that they can’t gain an advantage over other clients.
Fixed multiple players in dedicated server startup dialog.

Fix controller auto-detect on first startup. Hopefully without causing that no-keyboard problem on Win8 whose fix broke this.
Output FFB value to plugins even if no FFB devices are detected.

Added checks to be sure only real AIs can talk and request pits.
Improvements to superspeedway AI.
Added AI control to PhysicsOptionsV01 in plugin interface.
Now doing limited loading of rcd files from location components so that track builders can specify new track specific driving lines of known 3rd party cars without.
Fixed AI cars swerving on formation lap skip and transition from formation lap to race.
Removed unnecessary AI braking prediction that had them tapping the brakes needlessly.
Reset “add AI” menu when leaving page


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Guest sieteforti

vediamo come va.....

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a me gira malissimo..... :tristi01:

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