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[video] Assetto Corsa gamepad guide


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Can you play Assetto Corsa with a game pad ?
How do I set up a game pad with Assetto Corsa ?
Does Assetto Corsa work with a Xbox 360 controller ?
Are all things you might hear a peasant say or maybe even see a you-tube channel say to capture views through not so cleverly planted keywords...
But its also something you might want to know if for some reason you lose the ability to use your wheel or maybe don't happen to have one !
In this video we show you how to set up a game pad with AC and how to customize the settings to allow you to get better controllability of the cars over the defaults.
At first you might want to stick with the defaults or go with lower sensitivity and some more smoothing as our settings are not for the faint of hart. But if you want fast snappy control of the cars and are maybe more used to the old school style of car game pad controls then you might want to give these settings a try. Keep in mind that settings found in this video are based on using a xbox 360 controller to play Assetto corsa and they might not work as well with the play station duel shock pad !
to see the settings in action click this link to see them used in an on-line race.
We were actually pleasantly surprised by how well AC plays with a game pad and its certainly a usable solution for those lonely times without a FFB wheel.


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