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[rFactor] - 2014 GP3 mod

Alessandro Pollini

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File Name: 2014 GP3 mod

File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini

File Submitted: 24 Jun 2014

File Category: Open Wheel MODs

Author : World Sim Team

License Agreement:

This mod is done just for rFactor driving simulator by Image Space Incorporated.

This is not an official product of ISI.

It includes tracks which aren't done by us so this cannot be shared for public!!

MOD Contains:

The mod includes all cars from 2014 season with 27 liveries and several helmets.

Real GP3 sounds.

Car physics.



Car: haunetal1990, Lotusmania, Carlos12295cf and content of F1-SR

Helmets: Daimon

Tires: SiMCO

Steering wheel: F1-SR


Cars: Carlos12295cf, fisicoF1, Mart1n, brandonseaber.com and BP-Simracing & Design

Helmets: Lotusmania, Danilo72, Carlos12295cf and Mart1n

Suits: Carlos12295cf

Tires: SiMCO and Carlos12295cf


Engine: by Carlos12295cf

HDV: by Carlos12295cf

Gearbox: ISI and Carlos12295cf

Tbc tires: ISI and Carlos12295cf

Doublewishbone: SiMCO

Damage: SiMCO

Suspension: ISI

Headphysics: SiMCO

Cockpit: SiMCO

Sounds: Felipe P. Giro

Cams: Oliver Kwuoka

Structure mod: Lotusmania and Carlos12295cf

Special thanks to:

Fabiano Machado for the physics help.

SiMCO for multiple files.

F1-SR for their excellent content.

Daimon for the 3d helmets.

Click here to download this file

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