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[AC - Track]Mallory Park by Eximo

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Nome file: Mallory Park by Eximo

Autore del file: Uff

File inserito: 03 Jun 2014

Categoria del file: Track



  • 2 Layouts now included
  • Export now using AC editor - shaders still being tweaked and tested
  • Recreated world nearest the track edges, run offs now a lot smoother
  • Added Fast_Lane and Pit_Lane AI for both layouts - tracks can now be used quick race and race weekend modes
  • Added more barriers / walls
  • Added Marshall stands around the track
  • Added more buildings
  • Added collision mesh to pit lane garage
  • Added flag pole at hairpin - no flag though
  • Adjusted other buildings - scale/width
  • Adjusted barriers to match up with world better
  • Adjusted lakes
  • New UI images, overview and information details

Known Issues:

  • Kerbs are currently still defined as Grass and as such do not have the correct surface
  • Kerbs are a bit rough
  • Some grass areas defined as Asphalt
  • Edwina chicane bump on the exit
  • Bus stop chicane bumpy on entrace and exit
  • Charlies chicane bumpy - this chicane isnt used so not a high priority
  • Pit Lane entrance is a tad bumpy but you shouldn't be speeding anyway
  • Some barriers in certain areas do not match world
  • Placeholder textures used across some meshes
  • UV mapping incorrect on some meshes - especially grass
  • AI not the smartest especially around the hairpin however you can have some decent races with them as they are quick everywhere else
  • Pitlane Barrier mesh not rendering correctly - not sure why
  • Inside world doesnt match pitlane edges
  • Water defined as Grass

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