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ADAC GT Masters Experience Game Announced

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Official 'ADAC GT Masters Experience' Game Announced
ADAC GT Masters, RaceRoom Entertainment and SimBin Studios are proud to announce the production of an ADAC GT Masters Experience.
To celeberate this cooperation, ADAC GT Masters competitions are now being featured in RaceRoom Racing Experience.

SWEDEN, LIDKÖPING, May 09, 2014 - The license to make games based on the ADAC GT Masters was acquired already some time ago but SimBin and RaceRoom have waited to announce it until there was something more to share that could allow fans to take part in the project from day one.
“We allow fans of racing games and of the ADAC GT Masters to join the free competitions via RaceRoom Racing Experience. This is one small taste of what is to come when we release ADAC GT Masters Experience at the end of this year.” Says Chris Speed, COO at SimBin Studios.

Check out this new ADAC GT Masters video with in-game footage based on 2013 season cars.

The competitions within RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) start this weekend, just in time for the ADAC GT Masters race at Zandvoort Race Track located in the Netherlands.
The ADAC GT Masters races at Zandvoort can be followed via the offical ADAC GT Masters site as well as on live TV on the German TV station, kabel eins.
Competitions will be hosted online during each race weekend for the full duration of the 2014 ADAC GT Masters season. At the majority of the events there will be a game park with racing simulators from RaceRoom Entertainment where fans can try out the ADAC GT Masters cars and tracks.
SimBin Studios has announced the full competition calendar on their blog.
It is free to participate in the competitions as the cars and tracks are loaned to the users for the duration of the competition weekend. The cars used in the competition are based on the 2013 season. Everyone who joins also has the chance to win tickets to real ADAC GT Masters events.

To join the competition, simply  download RaceRoom Racing Experience for free and engage in the ADAC GT Masters competitions!
RaceRoom Racing Experience is for PC and available for free download on Valve’s digital game distribution platform, Steam.



About ADAC GT Masters
The ADAC GT Masters was founded in 2007 by the ADAC and quickly established itself as one of the leading GT series in Europe. The ADAC GT Masters features a strong and varied grid of more then 25 supercars from Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Corvette, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren and Porsche. Drivers of the up to 650 HP strong cars are among the best in the business: Former Formula 1 and DTM drivers take on renowned sports car aces and young hot shoes. In the 2014 season, eight rounds with two one-hour sprint races are held in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Slovakia. Find more information about the ADAC GT Masters at www.adac-gt-masters.de/uk/

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Con il promo video che potete ammirare qui sotto, il team SimBin annuncia il prossimo arrivo del nuovo pacchetto ADAC GT Masters 2013 per il suo RaceRoom Racing Experience. Oltre al pack che ci permetterà di simularoe l'omonima ed appassionante serie tedesca, l'update conterrà anche la nuova modalità single player, la versione alpha del multiplayer, migliorie al force feedback dei volanti ed altro ancora.


Preview of the upcoming Single Player Mode and the ADAC GT Masters 2013 Pack that will be available soon.

Next update will also include:
Multiplayer (Alpha)
New Steering Wheel Force Feedback
Updated track surfaces for better Feedback and more


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Onboard lap around the Sachsenring Motorsportveranstaltungen with the Prosperia C Abt Racing Audi R8.


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ADAC GT Masters 2014 coming soon to RaceRoom Racing Experience.
The ADAC GT Masters 2014 experience contains 5 manufacturers spread over 6 car models and a grid of 19 cars. Which can be raced on 8 tracks of which 2 will be new to the R3E platform!
Run a championship with ADAC GT regulations inc weight penalties, AI driver swap, two race format and pit strategies.

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Il team Sector3 ha finalmente rilasciato il nuovo ed atteso aggiornamento per il suo RaceRoom Racing Experience: il nuovo update, da poco disponibile tramite Steam, porta con sè numerosi bugfix e migliorie, ma soprattutto ci mette a disposizione il nuovissimo addon dedicato al campionato turismo tedesco del ADAC GT MASTERS 2014, con ben 6 modelli di vettura (BMW Z4 GT3, Audi R8 LMS Ultra, McLaren MP4-12C GT3, Chevrolet Camaro GT3, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 e Chevrolet Corvette Z06.R GT3) ed i due nuovi tracciati di Sachsenring e Slovakiaring. Qui seguito tutti i dettagli.


What’s New
- ADAC GT MASTERS 2014 Experience

- ADAC 2014 - BMW Z4 GT3 2014
- ADAC 2014 - Audi R8 LMS Ultra 2014
- ADAC 2014 - McLaren MP4-12C GT3 2014
- ADAC 2014 - Chevrolet Camaro GT3 2014
- ADAC 2014 - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 2014
- ADAC 2014 - Chevrolet Corvette Z06.R GT3 2014

And various new liveries.

New Tracks:
- Sachsenring
- Slovakiaring

- Fixed an issue where assigning a button wouldn’t override the other functionality that was using the same button.
- Fixed: DTM 2014 – If player has no pit preset, tyre compound selection reverts to “prime” after pit menu overlay is closed
- Fixed: Drive Through Penalty served is displayed after serving a Stop and go penalty.
- Enabled Pit Stops in Multiplayer.
- Enabled Pit Stops in all experiences.
- Added car status toggle in options.
- Fixed certain downloaded ghosts causing a crash when spawned.
- Improved pit waypoint system.
- Fixed an issue where the user landed on the main green orb menu with experience themed text, after changing the language.
- Fixed an issue where split time between drivers would sometimes show bad data for opponent.
- Fixed track texture quality being linked to the car texture quality in graphic settings.
- Fixed an issue where the bangers were still deformed after repairing aero in pit stop.
- Added a check in code that makes sure the physics are definitely loaded for the player car.

- Made the following changes to the wrecker prevention system:
Ghosted if:
- Going in the wrong direction for more than 3 seconds.
- Standing still for more than 5 seconds
- When resetting the car

Unghosted when:
- Driving in the correct direction
- Going faster than 20m/s (72km/h)
- No car within 5 meters

Offline (Car reset only):
- Only ghosted when resetting the car
- Unghosted when going faster than 2m/s (7.2km/h) and no car within 5 meters.

- Reduced damage when not using clutch to help with manual clutch shifting.
- Fixed Race session ignoring preferred grid position set in game menu if Practice is ON but Qualify is OFF.
- Fixed an exploit in Qualifying where the player could get an extra qualifying lap if they enter the pits instead of crossing the finish line at session end.
- Corner Markers are now OFF by default in settings.
- Fixed Lap counter in pause menu not always matching the real lap counter.
- Fixed an issue where tyre flex was visible and stretching across the screen when car is on two wheels.
- Improved code flow for initializing controllers and handling ffb restarts.

- Limited the amount of server ping requests that can be active at the same time to 5.
- We now freeze session times if there are no players connected in practice and Qualifying.
- Increased MP server response timeout.

Physics & AI & Camera & Audio:
- McLaren MP4 - Improved external sounds.
- McLaren MP4 – Lowered rear-view camera for better view.
- Honda Civic WTCC 2013 – Fixed Stereo Panning Channel, adjusted cockpit sound.
- Carlsson Judd – Fixed Stereo Panning Channel.
- BMW 635 CSi: Improved overall sounds.
- Made AI on main path not avoid cars in pit exit unless very slow.
- Made AI in pit entry/exit not overtake other cars unless very slow.
- Improved pit stop turn-in speed for low AI skill level.
- Fixed an issue that could cause AI to pit too late.
- Changed AI control timer when exiting pit from 3 to 0.
- Improved general AI behavior on all tracks.

- Chevrolet Camaro GT3 – Fixed issues with rear view and side mirrors.
- BMW M3 E30 – Various art fixes.
- McLaren MP4-12C: Fixed some reflection issues.
- Portimao - Updatedwith new road shader, road bumps and various tweaks and bug fixes.
- Zolder – Various art fixes such as flickering white lines
- RedBull Ring – Various art fixes for shadows.
- Hockenheim – Various art fixes.
- Indianapolis – Various art fixes.
- Nurburgring: Fixed flickering issues on some time of day settings.
- Lakeview Hillclimb: Various art fixes.
- Global: Tweaked shadows. Increased draw distance and limited noise.
- Global: Minor tweaks to car materials. Boost of reflections. Adjusted chrome, increased specular intensity on car and in cockpit.

- Added a discount functionality that pre-calculates the discounts before finalizing the order.
- Added Newsfeed notification settings in profile.
- Newsfeed now shows all FB updates from subscribed fan pages.
- Various optimizations to the store page for better performance.
- Fixed an issue where players could interact with menus outside of their visual representation.
- Fixed not being able to test drive DTM 2014 cars in R3E portal.
- Fixed Leaderboards related stats not updating in profile.
- Fixed Packs not counting the liveries that comes with the cars under liveries.
- Fixed Single Player practice menu showing Leaderboards header on top in all experiences.
- Fixed “Add all to cart” option appearing under user’s profile page.
- Fixed number of opponents not hiding properly in practice mode when selecting a hillclimb track.
- Removed headline/close on all championship splashes.
- Added class icons and link to Car renders in portal to better distinguish cars with same or similar names.
- We now grey out Confirm purchase button until the transaction is actually done to avoid double transactions being sent to Steam.

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ADAC GT Masters Experience 2014 is out now – the “League of Super Sports Cars” comes to PC.

ADAC GT Masters 2014 is available for purchase on Steam as premium DLC for the free-to-play title RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Rotkreuz (Switzerland), Lidköping (Sweden), 12/17/2014 – In collaboration with the ADAC Motorsport-department and Sector3 Studios AB, RaceRoom Entertainment AG have today released the first racing game simulation worldwide of the ADAC GT Masters – Season 2014 for all motorsport fans. 

With ADAC GT Masters Experience 2014 the players compete with the official GT3 racing cars of the 2014 season for the championship. A wide selection of famous race cars like the BMW Z4 GT3, Chevrolet Camaro GT, Corvette Z06.R GT3, McLaren MP4-12C GT3, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3, and the most successful car of the ADAC GT Masters since the 2012 season, the Audi R8 LMS ultra, are available.

The sophisticated vehicles of teams Prosperia C. Abt Racing, kfzteile24 APR Motorsport, YACO Racing, PIXUM Team Schubert, Reiter Engineering, Callaway Competition, RWT RacingTeam, MRS GT-Racing and BKK Mobil Oil Racing Team Zakspeed are authentically simulated with their unique drivability and genuine sound. A total of 19 vehicles are available for the player to choose from.

“It's great that we were now able to realize the ADAC GT Masters – Season 2014 for the PC in RaceRoom Racing Experience", said Christopher Speed, CEO of Sector3 Studios. "GT3 cars are among the most often requested by our fans and we are happy and proud that we were now able to fulfill this request.”

“With the ADAC GT Masters Experience 2014, our fans can not only be live at the track, but they can even ´sit in the car´ and actively experience the racing atmosphere around the ADAC GT Masters,” says Lars Soutschka, head of ADAC Motorsport.

ADAC GT Masters is a Pro-Am series, each event consists of two races where players must switch virtual drivers during a pit stop. When computer controlled cars swap drivers, the AI driver skillset will be changed to provide a new degree of opponent difficulty.

In addition to head-to-head races against intelligent virtual opponents, you can also compete in online events against players from all around the world.

The game modes contain:

  • Championship: Players take the wheel and battle advanced computer controlled opponents as ADAC GT Masters drivers in the 2014 Championship.
  • Online Multiplayer: Compete in grids of up to 24 players in online multiplayer races.
  • Single Race: Race up to 23 computer controlled opponents in a single race event.
  • Practice: Drive alone on the track in practice sessions.
  • Competitions: Compete in official competitions from ADAC GT Masters.

NOVICE and AMATEUR physics models assist new and growing talent while the GET REAL physics model will challenge experienced drivers. Enhanced support for a wide variety of game controllers comes standard, including; steering wheels, gamepads, and keyboards.

ADAC GT Masters Experience 2014 is for the PC and available for 22.99 EURO on STEAM and at www.adac-gtm-experience.com.


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L'ho appena "accattato", appena arrivo a casa parte il download....

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Andrea Brunini

Mi pare che il passaggio da SIMBIN a Sector3 abbia portato dei benefici, e credo anche della "linfa" fresca.


Al momento Sector3 è il team che sta lavorando a ritmi più serrati, e ad ogni rilascio le novità sono davvero succose.


Sono curioso di provare il PIT, e penso che accatterò anche io una versione di ADAC GT Master, per il momento ero tentato dalla 2013 in sconto.

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