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The SimPit by Shaun Cole


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What makes a group of like minded sim racers become a real community?
John Hill offers a few ideas along with his own experience as part of iRacing's Lotus 79 Classic Team Championship series.
A virtual orgy of Lotus on Lotus violence wraps up this latest edition of "Over The Hill."
Inside info; The crashes shown here are part of our hosted Monday morning Lotus 79 mini-races. After we cross the finish line we aim for maximum damage.....on each other. No IR or SR were harmed in the making of this video.


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For any sim racer or automotive enthusiast an opportunity to drive a real racecar on a real track would be a chance of a lifetime.  For many of us our bucket list is filled with Cars, race tracks and many other automotive related items.  For me this is the same and I was recently able to knock an item off of my bucket list.
Allen Berg Racing School is a formula type vehicle racing school that runs at a handful of track in the southwest United States.  Their school runs a F1600 race car and has many different programs to give people like me a taste of the action.


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Project Sim Racer - Back To The Basics - Episode 1 part 1
Project sim racer is an ongoing segment at The Simpit, where we follow a new sim racer in their quest to become one of the sports best. 
Sim racing is a form of motorsport that requires many of the same skills as real life race car driving.  In the world of motorsports it can take years of learning to become one of racing best.  In sim racing we can accelerate that learning curve but it still takes dedication, focus and a little bit of genetic talent.
Shaun Cole of The Simpit works with our new rookie driver, Andreas Martin Mørch, as they go through the steps from rookie to hopefully a pro level driver. 

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It can be hard to figure out a new car and track combination each week.  In this series of videos by The Simpit, Shaun Cole will go after the iRacing Nascar Truck Series "Fixed Setup" division 3 battle.


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This is part 2 of the first episode of Project Sim Racer. In part one Shaun Cole of The Simpit worked with our new rookie driver, Andreas Martin Mørch, as they go through the steps from rookie to hopefully a pro level driver.
The previous episode started out with the basics. Checking your gear, and getting up to speed with the car. In this episode we start to move onto learning a new track and picking the fast driving line. We also look for the spots to maximize our lap times. From here Shaun shows Andreas some tricks fro extra speed out of the car. In the end they set things up for Andreas to work on these skills in preparation for his first week of racing.


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