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xFactor With many thanks to the original developers of Touring Car Legends is proud to bring to Rfactor 2 Touring Car Revival

Thank you to OllieC and T-man for giving us the oppurtunity to Bring their Awesome cars to RF2 thx also The entire crew from TCL

Thx Obbzy for getting the Permission and Doing all sweet talking to do so.

Thx to everyone from xFactor for all there input and help where applicable to get these cars feeling like they do, and for the tedius file editing

Thx Papaosa for Creating our Promo vid, the music still gives me chills , top job m8 ,Also the input and help with car Cams..

Thx to ISR~Speedster for letting us edit his Tyre model for the nissan to suit these cars as much as possible

theres also a fair few livery's from the rf1 community added in also from TTR

There was many months testing and converting put into the cars and Im sure there will be many more to polish them up more DOH!

TCL has many more models but these 9 or so where the only ones permission was gained for . So With Respect to TCL we haven't touched the others..and wont unless permission is given to do so.

Models Include:
Ford rs500 Sierra and Cosworth
Holden VK/VL/TWR-VL Commodore
Nissan r31 GTR Skyline
Rover Vitesse
Volvo 242 Turbo

Hundreds of cars from multiple series include
ATCC 85-91,
BTCC 86-90,
ETCC 86-88,
WTCC 87,
DTM 87-90,
BATHURST 1000, 84-90

Known Issues:

5 spoke reflection flicker on some colored wheels

volvo and sierra steering wheel needs moving forward

6 speed gearbox upgrade for 5 speed M3's can cause drop outs online, earlier models are only 5 speed but for some reason can still select the 6 speed box in the upgrades

some textures at night need refining

Vl and TWR tacho's dont always work

Automation HDR setting these cars DO NOT LIKE! if theres no profile turn it off as they are way to reflected

No Icon SMicons as yet but are currently being made and will be part of an update

Models where done in 3dsimed and 3dmax I wasnt happy with the results I got from 3dmax so it will be ventured into again

current settings on models done in 3dsimed

Downloads: Goto http://xfactorracing...cl-olliec-t-man

from The XFACTOR RACING team

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