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[GTR2] - Collie Motorplex

Alessandro Pollini

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Alessandro Pollini


File Name: Collie Motorplex

File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini

File Submitted: 16 Mar 2014

File Category: Tracks

Author : PortuguesePilot

GT Legends Version - RaceOn Version

v0.91 fixed the hang due to an inadequate ANI file.

Original author: yaystenny (for rFactor)

GTR2 Converter: PortuguesePilot

The base version used on this conversion was v0.9. The original track didn't come with a ReadMe file.

Tools used: 3DSimEd, Strava GTL Groove Editor and GIMP. Cheers for their creators.

Credits: Full credits for this track go to yaystenny. Without his work and authorization for conversion, this version

wouldn't exist at all. Cheers, mate!

Verbatin info from the original author: Collie Motorplex is a 1.6 km club circuit in the Town of Collie in Western Australia.

It is about 150 KM South East of the the state capital Perth. It is one of only 2 currently operating permanent circuits in

Western Australia and hosts mainly tuning days and small local race meetings in entry level race cars.

The track was built almost entirely in BTB.

The track isn't perfect as I have never been there and I know there are a few problems but I hope you will enjoy it for

what it is. A fun little track to drive in anything from Touring cars to slow Open Wheelers.

Additional info: This track was made from scratch for rFactor by yaystenny and converted by me, PortuguesePilot, to GTL.

Please bear in mind that this is little more than a straight conversion. I had to fondle a bit with the textures because

the SimBin games, unlike rFactor, don't use the "lerp" option. The outcome is not ideal, but it's the best I can come up

with. I also darkened the tarmac textures a bit 'cos I hate the ennis brown-like tarmac textures, they look very unrealistic.

I watched videos and pictures of the real track to use as reference, and the tarmac is much darker. Despite being a bit

darker now, they still don't look very good.

I also made the AIW more SimBin-friendly (pace car, PitOri's, fuel use, groove width, etc), made an ANI file from

scratch, added a GRD file and adapted the TRK. I also fixed the pit and grid lights, converted all textures to DDS

to avoid possible CTDs, raised the skyboxi a bit to be more according to reality, adjusted the LODin and LODout of

a few GMTs to avoid annoying pop-ups and pop-outs, added track groove and reorganized the GDB file.

For some reason that I don't understand, I was unable to make the ANI file work with GTL. Sorry about that.

The track is working in both test and race mode. If you find any bugs, let me know.

Click here to download this file

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