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[AC - APPS] Pirelli Tyres

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File Name: Pirelli Tyres

File Submitter: VELOCIPEDE

File Submitted: 01 Mar 2014

File Category: Miscellaneous





Fully reworked and remapped from the ground up , including all new tire walls , tire wall markings , pirelli logo , barcodes and other misc details that add much more realism and overhaul look to the tires.
Reworked NM,s for both static viewing pleasure and motion with all mold markings and finer detailing work as been carried out to high standards .
New and reworked Dirt textures making a much more realistic look when on and off the road ,
This base pack includes 5 different colors all done in HD 2048X2048 Really high levels of detailing and quality .
Watch out for the next update which will include realistic tire tread wear for each individual tire and a more in depth appeal .

installation recommendations
Just place all the tires inside each T125 Skin , if you mix the tires white and red for example through the different skins then when racing GP quick race you will have a nice variance of tires

Click here to download this file

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