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World of Speed by Slightly Mad Studios


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Il team Slightly Mad Studios ha annunciato oggi con un primo trailer ed alcuni screens di essere al lavoro su World of Speed, un nuovo racing MMO free-to-play che dovrebbe entrare in closed beta in primavera. World of Speed proporrà circuiti reali come Brands Hatch, ma anche tracciati reinventati da locazioni reali. Gli sviluppatori hanno rivelato che verrà posta grande enfasi sul lato social del gioco, anche se non hanno ancora spiegato chiaramente in quale modo.
"World of Speed sarà un'esperienza multiplayer unica che incorporerà elementi social dinamici e nuovi modi di competere in un videogioco di corse", ha dichiarato Ian Bell di Slightly Mad Studios tramite un comunicato ufficiale. "Il gioco verrà supportato continuamente con nuovi contenuti per mantenere la competizione furiosa anche dopo il lancio".




Slightly Mad Studios & are proud to announce World of Speed – a free-to-compete AAA massively multiplayer online action-racing game which introduces a new level of connected competition to the racing genre. Developed by the award-winning team at Slightly Mad Studios, World of Speed allows players to hop into the driver seat of their favorite cars and race across real world circuits and tracks carved from the streets of real world cities including London, Monaco and Moscow.
World of Speed introduces a new level of connected competition allowing players to team up and compete in an ever-expanding number of gameplay modes where completing team-based objectives determines the victor. Being the first to cross the finish line no longer guarantees your victory; it’s all about the Team! Players can also team up with friends and other players to form Clubs where they can customize their logos, earn access to a Club garage social hub, compete against other clubs, show off in the Airfield Playground and battle in high-stakes races in Territory Wars.
With Slightly Mad Studios behind the wheels World of Speed takes action-styled racing games into a new era by combining AAA HD graphics and visuals with the thrill and intensity of a massively multiplayer online competitive experience. In World of Speed you’ll be able to download the game, log in and compete in all levels of competition without ever spending a penny!
Designed as an evolving online experience, World of Speed will be supported with regular updates and the addition of new cars, tracks, gameplay modes and much more for years to come! Over the coming weeks and months we will reveal more about World of Speed including how you can sign up to participate in the beta so be sure to come back often to stay on top of the latest news and info.


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First Look at Locations in World of Speed


We know that there are two big questions that the community wants to ask us. What will we be able to drive?!? Where will we be able to drive them?!?

In this blog we’re going to give the community a little bit of information about where you’ll be racing in World of Speed! There are a number of location types that World of Speed has to offer including licensed real world tracks such as Brand Hatch but today we want to talk about cities.

All cities featured in World of Speed are taken from real life. If you’re racing on a track based in your home city, London for example, you’re going to feel right at home. For each of our cities, the Slightly Mad Studios development team lived in each location for weeks to not only gather the visual reference needed but to get the atmosphere of those places right and ensure they were authentic. When you see them in-game you’re going to be blown away by the detail!

We are very happy to be able to confirm three different cities that you’ll be racing in. First there’s London

You’ll also be able to race around the Kremlin in Moscow

Or hit the streets of luxurious Monaco!

Remember that World of Speed is an evolving online experience that will be supported with regular updates and the addition of new cars, cities, gameplay modes and much more for years to come! This means that we are planning to add more cities…but we can’t talk about just yet.

Make sure you like the World of Speed Facebook page because we’ll be posting more screen shots of London, Moscow and Monaco soon!

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The Cars of World of Speed


One of the biggest questions that we’re expecting to hear from the community is “what cars are we going to be able to drive?!?”

Today we’re going to reveal four cars that will be players will be able to collect and drive in World of Speed. But before we reveal the cars we wanted to tell you a bit about our philosophy behind how we choose and organize the cars in World of Speed.

Usually, cars in racing games are categorized in a very ‘game-like’ way, from slowest to fastest for example. But if you were to ask a friend what type of cars like they like they would never say “medium speed” cars or “cars that go maximum 150mph”. No, people talk about cars in terms of specific manufacturers they adore or shapes or eras of cars.

So in World of Speed that’s the approach we've taken to categorizing our cars - by how car fans actually talk. So you’ll see Supercars in there, Retro machines, the kinds of cars you’d see running about a city, American muscle, and much more. Categorizing them this way takes the focus away from the fixation on top speed and puts it back on the beauty and uniqueness of all forms of car culture and hopefully it’ll encourage you to drop into a type of vehicle you might have otherwise missed.

Now that you know how a little bit more about our philosophy towards cars in World of Speed it’s time to reveal the first four cars that you’ll be able to drive. First we have some American muscle with the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS

The masterpiece that is the McLaren MP4-12C

Some serious power with the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

And the god of the winds itself, the Pagani Huyara

These are only the first set of many! Remember that World of Speed is an evolving online experience that will be supported with regular updates and the addition of new cars, cities, game play modes and much more for years to come.

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We are happy to show our community some more screens of the locations featured in World of Speed - London, Moscow & Monaco! As an added bonus we've got a few shots of Brands Hatch too!

1625503_218814901658069_2107926525_n.jpg 1654290_218814841658075_120869858_n.jpg 1796603_218815134991379_377563122_n.jpg

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World of Speed ha aggiunto 11 nuove foto all'album Cars of World of Speed.
Enjoy some exclusive photos of the cars you'll be driving in World of Speed!

1959881_221463951393164_1320170229_n.jpg 1506035_221464048059821_1761875206_n.jpg 1959756_221464161393143_2051013917_n.jpg



When will the World of Speed Beta begin?
We have not yet announced any details regarding the World of Speed beta. Once we have information to share we will post it here on the forums.

How do I sign up for the World of Speed Beta?
You can sign up to participate in the beta on the World of Speed website. On the home page click on the SIGN UP NOW button, enter your email address on the pop-up window and click the SIGN UP button.

What are the minimum system requirements for World of Speed?
We have not announced the minimum system requirements for World of Speed. However, we can say that Slightly Mad Studios is developing the game in such a way that it should run on everything from high end PC's to everyday laptops.

What frame rate will World of Speed run at?
The frame rate is not locked in World of Speed; it will run as fast as your computer can run it. The better your PC the higher the frame rate.

What type of racing (handling/physics) should we expect in World of Speed?
World of Speed is an arcade-style racing game.

Will there be Free Roam in World of Speed?
In World of Speed you will be primarily racing on tracks (circuits & point-to-point) on both licensed tracks and real-world locations such as London, Monaco & Moscow. There will be an area that players will be able to drive around freely - we're calling this area the Airfield Playground.

What languages will World of Speed support?
Currently, World of Speed is available in English. If/when we add additional language support, we will announce it to the community.

What cars can we drive in World of Speed?
Players can earn and collect a continuously growing roster of cars ranging from everyday city runners to the fastest super cars on the planet while housing them their own custom garage.

So far we've officially revealed four cars that you'll be able to drive in World of Speed - the Chevrolet Camaro SS, McLaren MP4-12C, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG & Pagani Huyara. If you'd like to know more about the cars in World of Speed please read The Cars of World of Speed article.

What tracks will be in World of Speed?
In World of Speed you'll race across iconic licensed circuits and custom built tracks based off real-world city streets - from tracks like Brands Hatch to the streets of London, Monaco and Moscow.

If you want to know more about the tracks & locations please read the First Look at Locations in World of Speed article.

Will World of Speed support any gamepads or steering wheels?
Although we have not released a list of officially supported wheels & game pads our hope is that players will be able to race with most USB wheels/game pads in World of Speed.

What anti-cheating countermeasures will there be in World of Speed?
Preventing cheating is a very important priority for Slightly Mad Studios therefore we will be taking whatever steps possible to prevent cheating in the game as best we can.

In an effort to ensure our anti-cheating countermeasures actually prevent cheating we will not publicly release information pertaining to the countermeasure themselves.

Will there be car customization in World of Speed?
If you've watched the World of Speed announcement trailer or looks at any of the screen shots you'll see that there will indeed be car customization in World of Speed. At this point that's all we can say.

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In World of Speed Everything Counts!


In the racing genre there are two challenges that all players face that stems from the emphasis placed on finishing on the podium. The first challenge is if an opponent hits you on the first corner, its game over. Usually you wouldn’t have a chance of winning, you’re moaning about the ‘n00b player’, your car is damaged, you’ve let your friends down, and you feel like your race is over. The second challenge is that only players who make it to the podium are rewarded and usually only after five minutes of racing.

Slightly Mad Studios intended to solve these challenges in World of Speed though innovation and looking to other genres for inspiration!

The first part of the solution is with Driver Score; everything you do in World of Speed earns you Driver Score. Slightly Mad Studios pioneered this in the Need for Speed SHIFT series and now everyone uses it (not naming any names!). By providing a system where you’re being rewarded for your driving regardless of your position in the race, you will still progress in the game by performing combos, completing objectives and doing other cool actions.

The second is Team-Based Objectives; you’ll have seen other games out there that seem to be team based but they’re not - they continue to be a free-for-all with little collaboration between teammates. What's more is that the team at Slightly Mad Studios have experimented with Team Racing in the first SHIFT title with the Team Racing DLC pack. They found that when players are put into a team situation, each player was only out to win for themselves and they didn’t really communicate or feel like they ‘needed each other’ in order to win.

With the introduction of Objectives, teammates and friends will need to cooperate to achieve mini-goals during the event. What's more is that these objectives are mandatory now and whereas in other genres you might get the ‘tank’ or the ‘ranger’, or the ‘top laner’ or ‘jungler’, here players will naturally divide themselves into ‘blockers’, ‘wingmen’, ‘drafters’ and ‘drifters’. Achieving the Objectives greatly influences which team is declared the winner at the end of the race. Being the first to cross the finish line no longer guarantees your victory!

With the ability to create different loadouts for your cars, we expect to see players creating specific builds optimized purely for chasing these Objectives. But we'll have more on loadouts and car customization later...
When you have Driver Score and Objectives then add Achievements, the ability to Master a location, asynchronous time challenges with friends, and unique rewards for each event...each and every player that starts a race wins in some way - both during the race and after. No more Rage Quitting, no more Game Over, everything you do in World of Speed counts!

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World of Speed Latest City - San Francisco!


World of Speed is all about racing awesome cars in cool locations, and today we’re thrilled to announce the addition of San Francisco, one of America’s most iconic metropolitan areas, to the list of places you can race in.
San Francisco is famous for its hills, with steep climbs, hair-raising descents, and famous landmarks like the entrance to the city’s Chinatown district, all of which are reproduced in amazing realism that will make you feel like you’re driving the streets yourself.

Excited to jump into the driver’s seat of your favorite car and take to the streets of San Francisco? Sign up for the Beta! You can also keep track of reveals by keeping an eye out here, and on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ page. We’ll be announcing more tracks, cars and Manufacturers soon!

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