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Truck Racing by tommy78 v1.1

Alessandro Pollini

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Truck Racing 1.0  - Author : tommy78


- added collision modell (which is a bit lower then the top of the truck, so you can use any track where are too small the garages)
- added undershadow (but i can't see different)
- added norain zone
- added heat FX effect
- added driver model with helmet
- added driver steer animation
- changed light shader (from t1 to high luminance sun)
- changed mirror shader (from t1 to no lighting tex1) - but again i can't see any different then in v0.9




- Fixed mirror shader
- Unlimited class use 8 speed gearbox now (you can choose 3 final ratio)

Download link for the version of v1.1:
MAN v1.1 Dropbox link



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