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Nome file: International Formula Series 3 by MAK-Corp

Autore del file: VELOCIPEDE

File inserito: 06 Oct 2013

Categoria del file: Open Wheel Mod

*Ui/Menu pictures added.
*Basic Suits and IFS3 series helmet added to drivers.
*A final material run through revealed a couple of items missed, all material clashes are now removed at last.
*Fixed flickering/blacked out Rainlight.
*New Livery added - Phoenix Racing #09, bringing the mod to 20 vehicles.
*All skins updated and final logos and decals added.
*Re-balance of materials, toning them down as necessary and corrected over-shiny carbon.
*Steering Wheel mesh and texture updated.
*Body and Wing mesh density increased in some places to smooth out stepping.
*various tweaks.

We did want to do a new physics update but until the tyre tool is working properly for us, there is no point. We are looking to include that in our next update subject to the tyre tool behaving.

Author : MAK-Corp

A new update to the International Formula Series 3 mod for rFactor 2 is now released for all rF2 players to enjoy. Version 0.8 isn't a massive update but does fix some issues from the previous build after the rF2 version update as well as the addition of a few things.
The IFS3-08 v0.8 release makes the mod compatible with rF2's Chassis Flex. The new Chassis Flex compatibility has been done by the IFS3 physics creator Derek Nye and should boast an even better driving sensation. Suspension, Tire and Aerodynamics have been updated to work right with the new Chassis Flex implementation.
The mod also has had new standard naming conventions made for the materials and for the objects that make up the mod. From now on all MAK-Corp mods materials and objects will come in a naming convention that features MKC as the prefix. We recommend all modders to have a prefix to their naming conventions when developing their mods as this can help remove conflicts with ISI original content and other mod groups content. As we saw in v0.7 of the IFS3 mod, the dash glass was warped after the newest update of rF2. Naming convention prefix's really do help to ensure such issues don't arise and at MAK-Corp will be using MKC as ours for all future mods. We hope modders will ensure they don't name their materials with the MKC prefix as that will conflict with our mods.
The Snow Schatten Sim-Racing team has been added to the mod which rises the grid to 19 drivers. Featuring Leonardo De Souza as their driver who is also a real life Sudamerica F3 driver for Kemba Racing, we would like to welcome the team and Leonardo into the mod.
Please be sure to delete v0.7 of the mod from the rF2 mod manager before installing v0.8. If your file download happens to be .MAN please rename the .MAN to .rfcmp

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da Facebook

MAK-Corp is opening up Beta Tester positions for beta testing our mods on rF2 and AC. Beta testers will be required to test a variety of vehicle types and will be required to provide professional feedback back to our development team. Testers will need to be able to test both rF2 and AC mods and we must stress that we will note tolerate fanboyism in our group.

Beta tester applicants must be over the age of 18, will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and must be able to provide feedback in proper English.

If you are interested, please send an email to jobs@mak-corp.com.au with your request to join, a little about yourself, your sim-racing/gaming experience and any past testing services you have provided to any mod groups and/or developers.

We will evaluate all applications and let those who we have chosen know that they are in for the next stage of their entry. Positions are limited so be sure to email asap. Applications close Sunday the 14th of December 2014 and those approved will be contacted during next week.

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