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Security and Performance Rating Plugin by pemigris V0.5

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Hi all,

I'm in holidays and so I've spent some time creating a plugin which monitors and rates my driving style.

It contains two rating components:
- rS : Security rating
- rP : Performance rating

My plugin detects when you are involved in an incident or if you are outside the track and shows it in the message window and logs it internally then.
After each session it computes both ratings and write a report to UserData\Log\Results

rS has the following range : -1000 < rS < 1000 where lower value means you are more secure (but you can never reach -1000 btw)

rP has the following range : 0 < rS < 10000 where higher value means you are better (but you can never reach 10000 btw)

Following factors are used to calculate both ratings:
- lap count
- track length
- wheels outside the track
- accelerations
- difficulty settings, even if they were enabled and then disabled
- AI settings
- number of vehicles (min 6 in your class)
- position you finished at.
- session status (qualifying, warmup or race)
- (on/offtrack wet ratio for race only (overtaking is more difficult here); has to be enabled first)
- your existing ratings
- if your car was driven by the AI for longer then 30 seconds (only your penalties will count then).

If more than one incident happens within 15 seconds, only the highest rated one will be counted. There are different levels of incidents with different ratings (A, B, D) too.
If the acceleration was to high in an accident, you will be declared dead and your rP/rS will be reseted to the default value if it was above/below the default one.
Security rating is evaluated in every session, so you have to pay attention every time (as in real life); performance rating in qualifying, warmup and race.
The plugin works in the current version locally only (central web reporting could be done too).
I would like to hear your feedback first if for example there is a need for such a plugin?



Best regards


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