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[rFactor2] - Nordschleife Tourist by pleclair

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File Name: Nordschleife Tourist by pleclair

File Submitter: VELOCIPEDE

File Submitted: 05 Aug 2013

File Category: Tracks

Nordschleife Guide download link (Thanks to Hectari for providing this! Give this a try, it's an amazing in depth review of the track and how to race it)

Tosch HDR Profile for v0.90 and 0.91 download link

Tosch HDR Profile for v0.80 download link

(remember to turn hdr off for best look, or use Tosch HDR Profile, ISI's default isnt proper for this)

UPDATE #4 (v0.95): It's nearing 7am and I havent slept yet, was working on 0.96 after reading a nice explanations from wgeuze (did I got it right?) on mesh smooth. So I have 2x mesh smooth instead of 2x tessel the road mesh. But I think it is too smooth.. will try 1 mesh smooth 1 tessel tomorrow, and update the post with more informations on what's new smile.png You can find out most about it in my first post of today... Enjoy, 0.96 coming up in 25 mins or so if I'm still awake :P

UPDATE #3 (v0.91):

edit: tree problems isnt fixed... false hope.

Fixed the trees problems. It wasnt a billboarding setup problem, but it turns out a bunch of trees were sitting way too low in the ground, some even completely hidden. Raised a dozens of tree objects by different amount, some up to 8-9 meters.

Fixed the over black tarmac in some areas, including paddock. Was the result of those textures mixed up with silverstone mat properties.. Reverted to brianza's for those surface.

Removed the tatoos FFB. Will work some more on this, this made it in too early, wanted to remove it, but due to a mistake I made in the scn file, I reverted to a backup, that was prior me disabling the ffb on them. Need to lower the shaking when hitting them when going thru a corner.

UPDATE #2 (v0.90):

Swapped all trees for billboard versions

Added reflections to cars

Fixed TDF (the areas which seems overly bumpy was because some road part were still defined with rF1 TDF settings, I've pretty much went all over it and fixed it)

Set the smoke output according to this video

Set the rainspray according to these videos

Redone the skybox

Improved the tatoos looks

Improved all trees textures

Added lots of objects shadows that were missing.

Unfortunately, I can't go much further... I tried to extrude the fences, and do other stuff, like add vegetation from lime rock park, but without being able to load the full scene in 3dsmax, it's really hard to do things like this.

There are known issues in this version:

There are some billboard trees that seems to be shy when seeing from cockpit view. If you check out replays from any other view, they are fine, but some trees seems to hide. They are most of time to the left of track, and when going up a slope. I can't seem to find the problem. All trees were created the very same way, using the gMaterial tool from Mario Morais.

There are one or two tree that is flickering.

The skybox is clipping when viewing from the paddock, in the opposite direction of track. It is the only time where it does that. It's set to 9000 lod out, no clip.. but it doesnt happens when racing in any other place.

I have tried to do the wet reflections, but there are stuff that I dont understand, and it seems that I would have to create planes in 3dsmax and stuff, so again, without having the full scene, it wont be possible for me to do.

Night lighting isnt done. Again, I tried, but dont know how to. Went to dev mode yesterday, went to 5 locations from the paddock, and took coords, and added like 20m to the z axis, so the light would be positioned up in the air, but they weren't showing at the coords I took note once in game.

This is something I can likely do, if I can find how to.


After couple of days of intense work, I'm proud to release (early) Nordschleife Tourist layout for rFactor 2.

I'm currently exhausted, so I will be taking the rest of the day easy, and will hop on it again next week.

It is very much playable, raceable, and more importantly the fun factor is there! So to those of you eager to try it out, here it is!

I've worked hard again all day long today, and swapped all road, grass, fences, guard rails materials properties for those of silverstone. All materials textures are swapped for silverstone's. (Not the primary texture, as it wouldnt look good, I tried... it then looks like a race circuit, instead of road circuit.

To my taste, it looks really good now. About halfway between rF1 quality and rF2. At times, it feels like a scratch built track for rF2...

I still have couple things to do like:


-A little track icon when you select track (loading screen is partly done, need a good screenshot of the track without cars)

-Make sure real roads works, maybe it does already.

-Swap more materials

-Swap textures, trees and stuff giving out that this is an rF1 track

-Maybe convert the other layouts included in the 2.2a release of the rF1 track.

-Stuff you will mention and I can do.

-Extrude fence so they cast shadows

Click here to download this file

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