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Sempre più interessante sto tracciato!!!

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pleclair continua lo sviluppo...


Hey guys! Good morning!
To answer the last few posts, yes, performance isnt at it's greatest at the moment. It is fully possible that you cannot run a 20+ grid with everything maxxed out. I can't either. When I did the rubber, I tried 24 and 18 and it both crashed too. At 14, it was fine. But again, it was a multi car grid, with historics, egt, t5, isi gts, etc... there are cars more demanding than others. I might have been able to run a 20+ grid with clios only. Would have to try.
I do not optimize the track at the moment, for two main reasons. First, I believe my time at the moment is better spent moving forward with the track, and the other reason is, everything still runs fine on my system all maxxed out with reasonable grid. So it means there is still quite a bit of room before I will need to lower stuff on my end.
If I optimize things fully now, and adds stuff to the track, when I'll hit the cap, I won't have anything to optimize no more, then I'll have to reduce details and quality. So it makes sense to me to continue this way.
As I see it, the road alone is pretty heavy right now. It contains 32 segments instead of 128 originally. I explained a while ago why it is so. Mainly because when I fixed the bump/spec map uv channel, I had to merge all the road together, since my comp wouldnt handle an edit poly mod on such a large number of polys. When I was done, I didnt wanted to split into 128 segments only to find out my edits didnt worked out. I tried to load it in one object, but crashed. So I splitted into 32 and tried.
So right there, we can gain quite some fps by segmenting it back to more pieces. I will do this later on.
Same goes for LODs and Shadows, they are set pretty much at a fail safe level so you don't see any pop up no where. When this will be optimized, I guess we can expect quite a bit there too.
So hang tight for now, run smaller grid, or lower settings with larger grid, and see what happens when I start doing these things.
As for progress... here is what's new wink.png


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Version 0.97k (full, no update): new HD guardrails textures, Tosch fixed the background ordering, so the landscape should be matching now. Makes a very nice difference in game anyhow! Thanks to Richard for providing the original guardrail texture.

download -> http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=5541

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I'm trying my best to release something tonight wink.png In the worst case, it will be early next week.

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