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Autodromo "Franco di Suni" Mores by ISI

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disponibile -> http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=5572


Svelata oggi la prossima pista degli ISI creata per rFactor2: si tratta dell'autodromo sardo di Mores "Franco di Suni" che potete anche vedere nel video sottostante; ci sta lavorando da tempo Tuttle, che a breve darà il via al testing ed a quanto si può notare dai primi screens, sembra decisamente un ottimo lavoro.
Contemporaneamente a Mores, sono iniziati anche i lavori sulla pista dell'Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Introducing new and improved Autodromo di Mores: the atmospheric Mediterranean track of Sardegna! This new version offers a bunch of improvements including, 4K textures, balanced colors, an all new “AIW”, and many more changes listed below.
Steam version should auto update via Workshop.


Changelog v1.6:
– TDF updated to actual standards
– New HD Track Loader
– Fixed a terrain mesh triangle causing a black patch.
– Fixed Tire Canvas not tagged as light receiver
– Fixed main Starting Light Overhang Z fight
– Fixed missing caps on main Overhang
– Fixed some mesh shadows groups assignation
– Fixed floating shadows in pitlane when using low shadows settings
– Fixed unwanted cut warnings
– Fixed Sewers mapping
– Fixed Asphalt bicolor patch edges to match crackle decals
– Fixed Verges mapping
– A tad more saturation for all Grass Textures
– Terrain maps now in 4K version
– Green Defender Barrier; Fresnel Specular smoothed out to avoid edgy/glitchy speculars
– Vegetation; a tad more luma for all tree/bush textures
– Cones; a tad less sat/luma for albedo map
– Tweaked specular for different asphalts
– Stripes specular tune to match reference
– Added Test Team RRBINs
– AIW various improvements
– Added more side cams.
– All roads updated to latest RealRoad shader
– All roads remapped
– gMotor Normals export for all mesh
– Material optimization and matballs cleaning
– Overall texture tweaking to balance the HDR output
– Applied random VC in the vegetation color palette, for all trees.
– Glass optimization to work a tad better with actual Static
– Fixed outer terrain overlapped vertices causing black patches


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Non solo il circuito mi pare molto bello da guidare (non lo conoscevo!), ma i primi screens sono davvero di qualità! Tuttle ne sa parecchio...

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Nuove immagini da Mores

Autodromo di Mores v1.0

Mores_rFactor2_12-480x270.jpg Mores_rFactor2_13-480x270.jpg
Mores_rFactor2_14-480x270.jpg Mores_rFactor2_15-480x270.jpg
Mores_rFactor2_16-480x270.jpg Mores_rFactor2_07-480x270.jpg
Mores_rFactor2_06-480x270.jpg Mores_rFactor2_05-480x270.jpg
Mores_rFactor2_04-480x270.jpg Mores_rFactor2_03-480x270.jpg
Mores_rFactor2_02-480x270.jpg Mores_rFactor2_01-480x270.jpg
Mores_rFactor2_11-480x270.jpg Mores_rFactor2_10-480x270.jpg
Mores_rFactor2_09-480x270.jpg Mores_rFactor2_08-480x270.jpg

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si anche secondo me il traciato e fatto molto bene,ed a una buona fluidita,molto bravo.

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