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Project CARS Build 494 (14/06/13, Team Member+)

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Build 494 (14/06/13, Team Member+)


* Changing default values for look to apex etc

* Adding in dof effect for helmet camera when moving at speed and going into apex

Race Weekend:

* Implemented global session timer for practice, qualification, and warmup races

* Fixed black background screen when going into the race overview screen for the first time

* Implemented Autopilot throughout the game, except for the Online menu option where it can be disabled

* Implemented variable session durations (changable via a FE menu option) for practice1&2, qualification and warmup

* Turned the Save button on for all sessions, but specifically disabling it for the final session in sequence

* Fixed scripting bug which meant the sessions wouldn't save if being played from Practice1


* Moved ResetGarage systems earlier so not to overwrite user changes

* Reset setup and gear numbers to default on vehicle initialisation

* Default final gearing set correctly when no setup created

* Write gear ratios (left/right) as well as fraction to GetCurrentDisplayValue if requested

* Added GetCurrentDisplayValue left and right outputs for gear ratio reading

* Fixes using final drive to limit other gears

* Tires: New modal+flash GT tires and many optional tires added for other cars


* Looping sounds can now be keyed off

* EXTERNAL GEARSHIFTS - New batches of external gear shift sounds and events for the categories Race and GTRace

* Rationalising current Backfires/Splutter content for the exhaust events. The aim is to make these sound more like they are part of the engine - and - work well with the new external gear shift sounds


* WiiU Net OneSock compilation fixes/rough and ready socket implementation

* Updated BString/BDbgString vsnprintf usage to a safer cross platform handling of the va_list

* WiiU: w-i-p updates to File Module

* WiiU: Added Application Data device handler

* WiiU: Added internal manager support for device clients and centralised file operation command block support

* WiiU fix for Environment Timeline pre-linker errors

* Updated default props for WiiU configs. Added solution name to PCH default folder. Set Linker 'Link Once Template Instantiation" to default On

* Added support for WiiU to HRDF Compiler

* Increased command line length limit to 8191 from 256

* WiiU Main project now builds!

* WiiU VideoCapture Library compilation fixes.

* WiiU RaceInput library compilation fixes/stubs


* All-new in-game telemetry


* Bathurst: Optimisation improvements - adding LODs, occluders, and optimising existing objects

* Azure Circuit: Deleted sea mesh under the ground, updated csm, added 2more 3d armco ends

* Northampton Classic: Reworked all tribunes and grandstands, reworked area around the bridge so the dip is removed, fixed CSM issues,


* BAC Mono: revised engine braking for new throttle system

* M3 GT4, M3 GT, Z4 GT3, Boss 302R, SLS GT3: setup tweaks, restrictor size limited, engine braking tuned for new throttle system

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