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Spa Francorchamps arriverà su Assetto Corsa

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È ufficiale: Spa Francorchamps arriverà su Assetto Corsa fedelmente riprodotto in laser scan. La storica pista belga sarà parte del primo DLC che includerà anche diverse vetture aggiuntive e che sarà completamente gratuito per chi pre-ordinerà il sim. La versione riprodotta è quella attuale, ma ne è prevista anche una storica in futuro, versione che andrà ad affiancarsi a quelle di Silverstone e Monza.

Di seguito il comunicato ufficiale.

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who helped us to bring Assetto Corsa on Steam Greenlight. This result will allow us to guarantee a better support, regular updates, fast downloads and a lot of additional contents, just to mention some of the things that will come.

The next step is to complete the submission process in order to prepare our game for preorder and launch. This will require a bit of time so, as soon as we'll complete this process, we'll reveal all the information related to the release date, pricing, list of contents, features, preorder, system requirements, and so on. GRAZIE, thank you very much for your amazing support and for your patience.
Now, you surprised us, let us surprise you: we are proud to announce one of our favourite additions to Assetto Corsa, the circuit of SPA Francorchamps!
It's not just the most famous belgian circuit , but it is also a circuit full of history. It is one of the most challenging race tracks in the world, mainly due to its fast, elevated and twisty nature. Located near Francorchamps, it has hosted the Formula 1 grand prix since 1924, and it is still considered one of the best and most rewarding tracks in the world, thanks to legendary corners such Eau Rouge / Raidillon and many more. Marco Massarutto, our Project&Licensing Manager, commented:
“Spa-Francorchamps represents for racing circuits what the Ferrari represents for car Brands: you simply cannot ignore it. Like Monza and Silverstone, it has been the theatre of some of the most beatiful races in motorsport, and we are very proud to get the chance to reproduce it at our best.”
The SPA Francorchamps circuit will be reproduced in its modern layout, taking advantage of laserscan technology, and also an historical remake will be produced in future, in order to bring back to life the golden age of motorsport, thanks to the classic racing cars that will be included in the game.
SPA Francorchamps circuit will be included in the first Premium Pack DLC that will include also some new additional cars, and be downloadadble FOR FREE for all those who will pre order their copy of Assetto Corsa.
Assetto Corsa's preorder will be launched soon. Stay tuned to keep updated!


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Guest scartezz

Allora la preordino al volo la mia copia del gioco :) Ma quando la potrò pre-ordinare?? :sbava:

Edited by scartezz

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Marco Erc

Ci sarà davvero da morire me lo sento!!! Grandi Kunos

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anch'io voglio preordinarla subito all'istante come si fa? avertitemi quando e ora :dribble:

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Mambro Racing

Azz, e dire che c'è chi si lamenta di non avere abbastanza notizie su Assetto Corsa......

Poche ma buone si dice dalle mie parti..... :thumbsup::thumbsup::dribble::dribble:

Se le notizie sono tutte così sono disposto ad aspettare ancora :shifty::shifty:

Ma il prezzo rimarrà quello auspicato all'inizio o anche quello subirà alcuni upgrade??? :oops:

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Grazie Stefano & co.

SPA è una figata!!! (per non parlare poi della versione storica in futuro...)

Attendiamo solo un link per il pre-order :dribble:

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