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We’re very happy to release an update for the much-loved-by-leagues Renault Megane, including updates to the 2012 Evo specification. By default, the car is loaded in the 2012 Evo specification but it’s possible, via upgrades, to use 2009 specification (the main difference is less powered, 360HP engine).


The endurance package provides center lock wheels (for faster pitstops) and a 100L fuel tank. There are two ways of displaying units for some of setup items – the default being what is used in the documentation. If you prefer standard units, select it in the upgrades menu. We also provided a fix for some of steering wheels not being able to provide full 900 degrees of rotation this car uses.


Download: 141 MB


Steam users can find this car in the workshop (or download this and use the mod manager exe in the bin32 folder if you do not use the default subscriptions).

Main changes:
– upgraded to specification 2012 Evo (2009 spec. still available as an upgrade) along with lots of small improvements.
– updated to ultrachassis suspension physics, which allows chassis flex. Also slightly improved suspension geometry and motion ratios.
– uses CPM tire physics with all the latest tech, including rain tire improvements.
– re-calculated brake system.
– uses new 3d model, special thanks to RMT!


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