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fonte ISI forum

Quick dev update
Quick update on what everyone is working on...
We've been intending to release a core build for over a week, or two. Issues prevented. We are now testing Build 214 internally (some people like to know the number...). Thanks for your patience.
We're testing older content (Palm Beach, for example) not yet released in component form. We've been testing the FISI 2012 and SLS safety car in component form also.
Car guys are working on a BTCC car primarily (this doesn't mean this alone).
Track guys are working on Silverstone mainly (this doesn't mean this alone).
As far as licensing, there are some nice possibilities on both the car and track sides. We'll be announcing two exciting high-profile licenses this month (track license acquired last year, car license signed this week). Both these pieces of content will most likely be high in priority for main production focus.


First teaser image of Silverstone Circuit for rFactor 2

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

da Twitter

ISI programmers and I/they support our decision to put out build 218. Getting with @timwheatley1979. Hopefully, 218 should be out today

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Postcards from Silverstone


ISI are happy to announce that in addition to the Indy 500 licensing announced last week, we will soon be releasing an officially licensed Silverstone Circuit to be a part of our free rFactor 2 content.

rFactor 2 is an ongoing development that will be updated and have major content like this, added freely, for years to come. We encourage you to post in our forums for any other content you may be interested in, and we will see if a license can be obtained.

If you haven’t already tried rFactor 2, consider that we offer a no questions 30-day full refund, and are in the process of developing a free-to-try demo installer. Below you will find a first batch of images showing off the model quality and detail going into our build. Note that all images represent a work-in-progress model. All screenshots are in-sim, from our development versions which will also be public soon.


Officially licensed, with Silverstone branding where appropriate.


Officially licensed, with Silverstone branding where appropriate.


New ‘wing’ complex in incredible detail.


An unfinished trackside model requiring fence and glass textures.


The names you know, all in the right place.


An update of the previously released teaser. Now they can watch you on CCTV!


Normal mapping at work for extra details.


An example of the trackside detail in the model.


Another view of the ‘wing’.

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ci si ricredera'... ci si ricredera'...

soprattutto quando ci saranno gli hdr profiles veramente ok..

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Sembra proprio che la mano di Tuttle inizi a mostrarsi in maniera evidente.

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  • DrivingItalia.NET VIP

un modder italiano

Che ha già rilasciato la pista di Top Gear e che ora è entrato ufficialmente negli ISI.

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finalmente allora si sono decisi a prendere qualcuno per la parte grafica

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