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Our guys have finished Mercedes CLR from LeMans 1999 for Assetto Corsa and its curentlly ready in beta version for our customers.
Note that we are sorry that our PX AC/rF2 got delayed with latest updated and be sure we will make that up for you!
EGT and T5 for AC are beeing currently updated with latest tires same goes for rF2 version.
Best Regards,

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rF2 EGT update with following changelog:

-updated suspension geometry
-TC options available now in the garage
-fixed minor pit timing issues
-updated damage sensitivity aswell as reapair times
-updated ultra flex and added some new bits (chassis flex)
-all new revised aero with new data
-updated default setup 
-new steering system added
-added more precise setup options
-added 6 sets of new CPM tires (4 slicks, 1 inter, 1 rain) - slightly updated again from the last C7.R realease to the newest ISI specs 
-revised brakes and cooling
-some minor changes to engine damage
-added new engine models to all cars
-added fuel mixture settings
-added new dynamic CoG fuel tank features
-some small AI adjustments
-other minor adjustments
-BoP adjustments

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Moyoda model was reworked one more time to get it accurate. I received the model about 2 days ago. Here are the screens. The first version screens are on our FB page and there was alot done new and reworked.

 attachment.php?attachmentid=20971&stc=1&   attachment.php?attachmentid=20970&stc=1&   attachment.php?attachmentid=20972&stc=1&   attachment.php?attachmentid=20969&stc=1&   attachment.php?attachmentid=20968&stc=1&

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Qualcuno mi saprebbe dire se esiste uno skinpack per l' EGT nella sua ultima versione (2.0)?


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