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[rFactor] - Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit GP4 2011-2013

Alessandro Pollini

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Alessandro Pollini


File Name: Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit GP4 2011-2013

File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini

File Submitted: 17 Mar 2013

File Category: Tracks

Author : doser

-- Hundreds of improvements.

- Compatible with rF_HighVoltage

-- DRS x2

- Compatible with RFE Plugins


- Fixed flickering / overlapping Kerb in Sector 3

- Removed a bit of grass by pit entry, for a better turning arc into the pits

- Removed Quantas Advertising on Melbourne 13 ER

- Added Rolex Advertising on Melbourne 13 ER

- F1WCP don't seem to understand the meaning of a SCN file.

-- Added VisGroups to improve FPS on any PC.

-- Garage Order is still wrong. Sorry. Their fault. I ran out of time to fix it.

- Fixed LODs so objects don't appear infront of your eyes

- Fixed a lot of weird transparent Textures

- Lowered Grip so it realistically emulates a Street Circuit

- Added Bumps so it realistically emulates a Street Circuit

-- (F1WCP seem to think road is made of flat plastic)

- Added more Anti-Cuts

- Removed Turn 4 Anti-Cut (Beaching)

- Added Run-off by Turn 3 for better Safety

Click here to download this file

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