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Assetto Corsa: video & screen!


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Sophia Floersch torna al volante del simulatore per spiegarci un giro veloce a Silverstone con la Formula 3 targata Race Sim Studio su Assetto Corsa.


Watch one lap around Silverstone GP circuit on the simulator! I was driving the FIA F3 car on Assetto Corsa. In the video you can find the explanation of brake points, gears, ideal lines for the simulator but also comparisons to real life like reference points and car feelings. To get the perfect lap in the simulator AND even more in reality is difficult but it is just to try and give you an example. It depends on car (model), tyres (model), setup (model) , conditions (temp, wind, humidity, track grip level and so on). Example: The braking reference in a GT3 car is for sure a different one compared to a F3. Even in the same car the braking reference can change as it depends on different factors: Setup, car weight and fuel, wind, tyre milage, grip. All those factors are necessary to get the individual "perfect lap". All my descriptions are just hints for the perfect line. That is the experience I have from real life driving with different cars. I want to give you little bit of help if you are for example driving on a complete new track.

For each simulator software you have to find your individual setups. For each track, car model and software (RFactor2, Assetto Corsa Competizione, IRacing) that can be pretty intense and a lot of time. The difference in between the simulators and the equipment (PC, steering wheel, pedals, seat) also makes a big difference. I have to say that the FIA F3 (RSS 3 V6) model from RSS is really good. The cockpit view but also the car handling is similar to real life. The track model which I am using for Barcelona is pretty ok. Some run offs and and curbs are little bit different but that's it. To prepare testing days, race weekends or just developing myself I am driving in the simulator pretty often. For the FIA F3 car it is always Assetto Corsa which I am using. Getting rhythm for tracks, simulating qualifyings or long runs, playing with the car setup and much more. For LMP2 I am usually using RFactor2. The car model there is good and RFactor has many race circuits world-wide. For E-Sports and virtual racing it's a lot of iRacing and RF2. There are multiple hosted races on all kind of cars and tracks.


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