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Soluzioni ai problemi di installazione

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We also recommend using the P&G Launcher at all times, to run P&G v3.0.

Anytime you want to run the game, just run the P&G Launcher and click the "START" button.

If you have already a player profile in the game, the next time you run the P&G Launcher, click on the "PLAYER" button (green button) before starting the game.

When reporting problems, please mention your Operating System (Windows 7, XP, Vista, etc), and also your hardware (processor, ram).





One example of installation error by corrupt download, with a solution:

User is getting installation error (no matter what option used), with a message "ERROR: unpacking error, status 2"...


First of all, get the 4 files you have (the installer and the 3 big files) and drop them in an empty folder, if you haven't done it already.

Make sure the files are named exactly like this:





If they are already named correctly, and it still crashes during the installation, then download THIS FILE.

Extract it into where those 4 files are.

This is an "integrity check" tool that our team member aSa created to see if there's a corrupted file among the big ones, and if there is, which one.

You just double click this "FileMD5_test_RC.exe", and let it diagnose the files.

In case there is one of the files that got pointed out as corrupted, it means that you'll have to redownload that file (and note, only the one pointed as corrupted).

After downloading the file again, place it near the other ones, and "integrity check" on them again. If all good... time to try installation again. smile.png


Game CTD (in practice, race, etc) after successfull installation - possible solution

"The installation went fine (no matter the option), but game crashes when trying to pratice, time-trial or race."

In this case, try the following:

DO NOT run the game from the GTR2.EXE, run the 'Launch P&G' desktop icon (the PG Launcher), then on the "Tools" tab, select "Enable Start with Debug Mode".

....try running the game now (click the button 'START' in the launcher).

(NOTE: we do recommend using the P&G Launcher at all times, to run P&G v3.0)


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Ciao a tutti, ho installato la power and glory ma ci sono delle cose che non mi quadrano, avvio la mod dal programma launcher ma non ho le piste che ho nel gioco ( gtr2 ) ma solo i tracciati originali, invece se apro il gioco della power and glory nessuna traccia...

come faccio ad avere tutti i tracciati? oppure se c'è un modo per averla all'interno del gioco? grazie un saluto

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ciao, ho problemi a scaricare a scaricare la 3.0, qualcuno può aiutarmi? grazie!

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