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Poznan Circuit by SimRacing.pl & feels3

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Poznan Circuit



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Dirty stuff is finished...so it should be much easier now with track progress :P

My models aren't as good as ISI's models link

Also, I don't use LOD's for this stuff, but I have nice textures (resolution is a bit low but it doesn't matter, they are placed far off the track) and extremly low poly usage (35 polys / one TOI TOI :P)

Vmtv7s.jpg isn8qs.jpg

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Poznan Circuit – WIP part4

Once again small update, mailny focused on main building and some pitlane details.

Now I have to take a break from project, I will back asap.

ps. next update will containts updated reflections on reflective materials.

Riguardo al pit-building dice:

It's still WIP, AO map needs improvements, some details are still missing, final texture will be more dirty, also I hope to see some day more advanced shaders which can reproduce soft reflections on materials like rubber, plastic etc. , so as you see, there is a lot of places for improvements, but keep your expectations as low as possible please.

It will better for all of us.


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I have small but important (I had small technical issues, but it's already solved and now I can move on with track progress) update for you.
Update contains:
-3d kerbs
- noticable progress in terrain texturing
- first tests with reflective materials for several objects
- improved road textures
- new details in pitlane area
- first tests with Ambient Occlusion for several building around the track
- first performance optimisation
I want to thank for your feedback guys, thanks to you I decided to rebuild main buildings around the track to improve quality. I decided to add more small details and I have done first succesfull test with ambient occlusion. You can see on screenshots one improved building with AO map. It's small and simple building and it's placed far of the track. It's still WIP of course, so it's more a preview than final quality.
Now I have to rebuild rest of buildings, finish road textures and trees. I'm working hard to show you onboard video before Christmas.

Poznan Circuit - update part 5

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Immagini rimosse: troppo grandi.

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