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Putnam Park by feels3 v1.1

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I forgot about video smile.png

As I mentioned yesterday, trees, bushes, kerbs, and trackside objects are not ready.

Also track's geometry needs some changes in few corners (google maps isn't a precise source)

TOD - 16.00


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Beta version is ready for testing.

Putnam Park v0.91 - release notes:

- trees use temporary T1 shader, more advanced shader with specular, normal map and ambient occlusion is planned for v1.0

- HDR profile is from ISI's track

- track include two layouts, "GP" and "Chicanes", third, short layout is planned for v1.0

- animated cornerworkers are planned for v1.0

- racegroove, marbles and crowd textures are from ISI's tracks.

- temporary replay cameras, upgrade is planned for 1.0

- some models and textures improvements are planned for 1.0

Putnam Park v1.0 is planned after GOLD version of rfactor 2.

For me it's step forward in texturing and modeling comparing to Croft and also experiment with completely different environment colours which was interesting experience and good lesson for me.

Enjoy the track.

C&C are welcome.

Download link: Putnam Park 0.91


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a me da qualche problema grafico, uscendo dai box improvvisamente lo schermo diventa scuro, passato quel punto torna normale, poi altra zona scura e cosi via per tutto il tracciato..

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io non ho alcun problema.

(va detto xò che tengo l'hdr disattivato. preferisco non usarlo).

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ok allora provero senza.. strano pero, anche se la ati non è nuova a darmi questo tipo di problemi..

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v1.0 disponibile -> http://simracing.pl/panel/index.php?mod=downloadcenter&id=DisplayListFiles&category=0&group=0&IDseason=0&search=Putnam%20Park%201.0&sort=Sort_Date_desc

- trees: improved textures and shader settings, added 3d trees
- improved terrain textures
- new detail texture for road surfaces
- ambient occlusion added to main building and garages
- new custom textures for Real Road
- added 3d crowd
- new cars
- improvements on trackside objects
- fixed reflections flickering
- fixed issues in GDB files
- fixed garage doors issue
- fixed shadowgroups and visgroups
- (hopefully) improved performance

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