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Hockenheim-Ring by Tommy78 v1.1


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Hockenheimring v1.1
– lowered curbs height
– fixed background alpha channel
– repositioned garage spot (3/1) at the Short2 layout
– slightly tweaked track grip, dry and wet
– tweaked skidmarks time to stay on the track
– tweaked AIW at the start/finish lane, and the pit exit when join to the racing line (all layout)















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I did some test with the grass, i made a multimap texture, for the whole terrain, did some trees, it was the first time in rF2, so i'm just trying how it looks like better, modified the treewall, and repositioned the horizon, because it was too far and from the cockpit i didn't see. Small update for the road texture. The next step will be the track edges around the track.

Few photos.

kj5YlPls.jpg VnaDfmjs.jpg XMFjH8Ks.jpg

FBiq00Js.jpg J138N9cs.jpg gx91jR9s.jpg

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Hi guys, i've just finished the BW Center all objects, and positioned to the exact place, the bridge is done between the BWC and the Sachs curve Grandstand, and as well i finished with the Mobil1 bottle, the modell was easy, but the texture, ohhh, i didn't find a good photo from a Mobil1 bottle, so i did the whole texture, so it's not like the real one i think, but i did what i can.

jMtqlqe2gzunJ_xs.jpg jb0gTeDAKonWkP_xs.jpg

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Garage area:

JFgym6Ys.jpg Hektu2zs.jpg RgTrZRjs.jpg

SGcosJGs.jpg F5CMuH4s.jpg UNFayvgs.jpg

I just did a quick test, with the same default settings for the textures. There is a bit different in Dev Mode and Single Player Mode.

pqod1Kes.jpg zJGgzvis.jpg

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After 3 days, i finished (i think) with the biggest job on the track, so the whole main grandstand on the sf straight, and the big grandstand on the last corner.

jmTkUVUmneHXn_xs.jpg j59g2k5NkrpkD_xs.jpg

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Quick test from the new DTM layout with the T5 Series. Now they use the “high line” on the Sachskurve, and as well they use much wider the track than the F1 GP Layout. You can see the darker tire markings on the green runoff area and on the curbs.

jbyU7CvAqSgXir_xs.jpg jnaNpSCFgqmWW_xs.jpg j6gATTQXa3T4R_xs.jpg

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Hi guys again!

I wasn't here a long time ago, but i'm back. I had too many things, and i can't do anything with Hockenheimring, but today a checked all files, i had a small problem, because the Viewer can't show my track, and i got CTD every time, but i cheked all files, and the gdb caused the CTD. So temporary deactivated the scoretower, because this caused the problem, so now working the track, and i will try to find the solutions for this problem.

And now, i release a 0.7 beta version of my track, which include only the DTM layout, and the version 1.0 will be include all layout, the GP, Short1, Short2, and the National, and maybe later the Dragstrip.

So here is the version 0.7 beta, if you have any problem, just let me know. The HDR and the texture reflection and fresnel settings still not the final version, just the basic setup.

And again, sorry for the long delay.

Hockenheimring DTM Layout v0.7

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