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Alessandro Pollini

[GTR2] - Prototypes SCC

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Alessandro Pollini


File Name: Prototypes SCC

File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini

File Submitted: 02 Sep 2012

File Category: Cover wheel Mods

Author : Perfectdark, Po911 and others

For download Global Fix click here

Realized starting from the Sport Cars Challenge MOD for F1C of the RSDG team and the LeMans 1999 mod for F1 2001

of the Virtua-LM team. This mod includes only prototypes of 1998 to 2008 years.

All the elements of these cars were reproduced :

- Body, pilot, tires, ...

- Physics (suspensions, models of tires, ...)

- Engines, limp speeds

- Motecs, lights, backfires,...

It includes all the prototypes of the originals mods with all their addons cars, as well as all the elements

you have sent to us (3D models, skins). A total of 364 cars!!

It includes the 1999 to 2008 ALMS, Le Mans 1000km 2003, 2004 to 2005 LMES and 2006 to 2008 LMS championships and the Le mans races

(1998-2008) without thraxs.

You must download the tracks described on the file "TracksProtoSCC.txt" included in the mod.

A lot of cars and skins were added, so a list of the respectives authors is included on the file:


We have tried to upgrade all these models the best we can.

The actual cars are as follows:

Audi R8

Audi R8R

Acura ARX01a

Acura ARX01b

Bentley Speed 8



Cadillac LMP00

Cadillac LMP01

Cadillac LMP02

Chrysler LMP

Courage C41

Courage C50

Courage C51

Courage C52

Courage C60

Courage C60 Hybrid

Courage C65 (and C65#60)

Courage LC70

Courage LC75


Dallara LMP

DBA4 03S

Dome S101

Ferrari 333SP

Lister LMP

Lola B01-60

Lola B05-40

Lola B2k10

Lola B2k40

Lola B2k42

Lola B98-10

Lola MG EX257

Lola MG EX264

Lola MG EX265

Mercedes CLR

Nasamax DM139

Nissan R391

Panoz GTR1

Panoz GTP

Panoz LMP01

Panoz LMP01 Evo

Panoz LMP07

Pescarolo C60

Pescarolo C60 Hybrid

Pilbeam MP84

Pilbeam MP91

Porsche RS Spyder

Porsche RS Spyder Evo

Protran RS 06H

Reynard 01Q

Reynard 02S

Reynard 2KQ

Riley & Scott mkIIIA

Riley & Scott MkIII Series C

Toyota GT-One



Zytek 04S


Dev Team


3D/Graphics/Backfires/Motecs/Lights: Perfectdark, Po911

Sounds/Engines/Physics: Serode, Po911

Pilot/Pit team textures: CarSkinDesign, Gaussian Blur

Championships/cars list : Perfectdark, Po911

New cars skins: Arnage, Serode, Basukid, Pwal, Chris Duncan, Rdubouil,

JJ Vasquez, Gaussian Blur, Sesshomaru, wildman, wildride, XGoogleX, LMRT team, Stalk3r

3D new cars: John Borelli, Perfectdark, Ibne, WaterFord, PLR

Info search, Beta-testing: Basukid


Our thanks for their assistance to


A particular thans to Mika (RSDG team), D3 Bill/Bill Tillman (SSM team), Virtua-LM, Pwal, Dave Henrie (SSM team), xGoogleX

and Basukid for their help to find a lot of new models (theirs or others, the authors wasn?t easy to find).

An other of the same level for John Borelli, Ibne, WaterFord (plus diff_user) and PLR for giving us their

new great models.

Special thank you to AS-GTR and Atomkopf of the FIA GT 1997 Mod Team (F1C) for granting permission to

convert the Porsche 911 GT1 Evo, Lotus GT1 and Panoz GT1 models to GTR2 (only panoz available this time, but the two others

are nearly done and no skins done for them).

A big thank equally to Steven Kilsdonk, Dr Dob, Klo-Che, Icedob, Scott Michaels, David Williams, TTucker77, Bathman06, Ibne,

Andrew Bainbridge, Colvin, Discpad, Carzy90, JoeIMSA, Melo, Frosty20, Carzy90, Fosca, Ravenscraig, POvaskainen, Speedfreak1975

for their creations (skins, 3D models or sounds) and to LMRT for their good skins (Vaclav Pecuch, Discpad and Nico911 mainly) and

their help for our mod to upgrade his compliance to the others mods (GT) and his realism, and to the Bad Boy Team for their "diaporama".

Thanks to Zoltatem for his support since the beginning with GTRGT and his dedicated server for our developments

and for Danawan for his participation on the team.

Thanks to "Racing Sports Cars" and "Mulsanne?s Corner" for their great site.

To forget nobody, thanks to Scca1981, PhilH959, Danny Piquet, Young Kim, Greybrad, Aldac, Bruno David, vivemclaren,

So-Col-Racing which help us at certain moments.




1) Uninstall all previous version of the mod and delete the directory GTR2\Gamedata\Teams\PrototypesSCC (if this directory still exist,

it?s because you have added add-on cars.

2) - Download v2.41 of the mod - cars

- Launch the executable v2.41-cars and Follow the instructions which are posted on the screen

3) - Download the skins packs you want (ALMS/Le Mans/LMES), one at minimum (3 at max).

- Launch their executable the one after the other and Follow the instructions which are posted on the screen

4) Download the tracks (view the tracksProtoSCC.txt file included in this mod)


Known problems


- improving inferior level of details for the Panoz LMP01Evo type5.

- Add "Holes for the legs" in some interior cockpits.

- Panoz LMP01 2001 and 2002: central lights?

- transparencies problem for Courage C65 type 1 and Zytek lights

- minor touch to Audi R8 cockpit separation

- decrease the audiR8 lights reflects

- seats to do? (difficult to see): Pilbeam, F333, Zytek, Panoz07, Lola B160, Cadillac LMP01

- external Pilot bodies textures for the B2K40/42 and pit helmets for the 26 teams already done,

and combis internal/external Pilot and pit bodies textures for the new teams,

- New helmets:

Jean François Leroch, Edward Morris, Karim Ojjea, Masahiko Kondou, Toshio Suzuki, Warren Carway, Bruce Jouanny

Mimmo Schiattarella, Peter Van Merksteijn, Harold Primat, Jens Petersen, Joachim Winkelhock, Rinaldo Capello,

Adrian Fernandez, Gil De Ferran, Olivier Dupard, William Binnie, Miguel Amaral.

- correcting the F333 "long tail" normals,

- Toyota GT one 1998 with a single lights row,

- steering wheel of the panoz LMP01 1999,

- mercedes CLR more fluid,

- upgrade the cadillac 2000 rims,

- decrease the polygons number of the collision and shadows models (limiting the cars seen simultanously).

- air intake to modify for Lola B2K10 Porsche and Caterpillar,

- Few Lola B98-10 must be with lights of the B2K10

- Skin of the #31 Le Mans 2003 to do on a true C60


- Adjust pilot Arms animation




If you want complementary information, go on the official

forum of the MOD:


You have a problem? Go here:


(the FAQ will be improved with your questions)

e-mail : perfectdark33@free.fr




1) The authorizations were given by the developers Team RSDG to carry the "Sports Car Challenge

for F1C" mod on other platforms:

You can consult them has this address:


The original team was composed by:

Stian Berg

David Chan

Ron Grzesik

Mika Hirvonen

Pieter Hofstra

Börje Johansson

Steven Karlsson

Frank Leitner

Steve Lowry

Steven Kilsdonk

2) The authorizations were given by the developers Team Virtua-LM to carry the "Le Mans 99 for F1 2001"

mod on other platforms:

You can consult them has this address:


The team was composed by:

Burger4man Models, Physics, R&D

Danilo AI track files

Padajacaba Models, Physics, File Management, R&D

Poci Paint

Revsect Co-ordination, QC, R&D, AI Files, Paint

Xljunkie Menu Graphics Paint

Zanza Menu Graphics, Paint

Bramzel Paint

Mika 993 A Model and Interior, Tire/Rim Textures

Porscheman Paint

RSDG Viper & 996 Models and Templates

(and thanks to Nugit for his help)

3) A lot of other autorisations given like the one of the FIA GT 1997 (F1C) mod team (thanks a lot AS-GTR and Atomkopf)




You are not authorized to modify whole or part of this MOD without our


More seriously, as asked by the RSDG team (again thanks to them), everybody has the rights to modify

the elements of this mod wich comes from the RSDG team. (In all the cases, that would be sympathetic nerve

of your share to inform us).

Any modification made later on this MOD will be placed at the disposal of all the community.

For the rest (new 3D models or skins for example), you will have to see with the original authors.

Can you also indicate to us if you give our MOD in dowload,

or if you have a link on our site (to have a control on its diffusion).

You use this MOD at your own risks. We are not responsible in the event of

problems or of damage.

this MOD cannot be used at commercial purposes.




28/07/08 v2.41 (release):

- Physics corrected on the Mercedes CLR and Toyota GT-One (aerodynamics),

- AER engine of the Courage LC70 corrected,

- New skins from Chris Duncan:

- Lola B05/40 "Binnie Motorsport" #31 LEMANS 2007

- Lola B05/40 "Binnie Motorsport" #31 LMS 2007

- Lola B05/40 "Quifel ASM Team" #40 LE MANS 2008

- Lola B05/40 "Quifel ASM Team" #40 LMS 2008

- New skins from Basukid/XGoogleX:

- Panoz GTP "Larbre" #11 LMES 2004 - Beta WIP (we haven?t waited the next release)

- New skins from XGoogleX:

- Courage C60 H "Courage Competition" #13 LMES 2005

- Courage C65#C60 created,

- New skins from Discpad:

- Courage C65#C60 "Courage Competition" #31 LEMANS 2003

- Le Mans 2006 "Swiss Spirit": skin corrected,

- "High nose" added on the Lola B05/40, new lights and other improves (the B06 and B07 bodies aren?t finished, sorry),

- Physics added for the Lola B05-40 with Zytek engine,

- Sounds of Panoz by Carzy90 added, thanks to him (Panoz_LMP_Sounds_v4_0_by_Carzy90_for_GTR2),

- Bug found in the .cas of the Panoz GTP/GTR1,

22/07/08 v2.40 (not released):

- Acura ARX and Courage LC70/75 finished,

- Riley Scott mkIIIA (model 3D RSDG) converted,

- bug found on the LMP675/LMP2 tires (intermediate compound),

- New skins from Arnage:

- Acura ARX 01b "Patron Highcroft racing" #9 ALMS 2008

- Acura ARX 01b "De Ferran Motorsports" #66 ALMS 2008

- Acura ARX 01b "Lowe?s Fernandez Racing" #15 ALMS 2008

- Courage LC70 swiss Spirit LM06 #5

- Lola B2K40 "Van der Steur Racing" #19 ALMS 2005

- Lola B2K40 "Van der Steur Racing" #19 ALMS 2006

- New skins from JJ Vasquez:

- Porsche RS Spyder Evo "Team Essex" #31 LE MANS 2008

- Porsche RS Spyder Evo "Van Merksteijn Motorsport" #34 LE MANS 2008

- Porsche RS Spyder Evo "Horag Racing" #27 ALMS 2008

- Porsche RS Spyder Evo "Dyson racing" #16 and #20 ALMS 2008 (from the Colvin?s one)

- Porsche RS Spyder Evo "Penske Racing" #6 and #7 ALMS2008 (from the Colvin?s one)

- New skins from Sesshomaru:

- Courage LC75 "Saulnier Racing" #35 LE MANS 2007

- Lola MG Ex264 "RML" #25 LE MANS 2007

- New skins from Vaclav Pecuch (LMRT):

- WR LMP "Welter Gerard" #35 LEMANS2000

- WR LMP "Rachel Welter" #36 LEMANS2000

- New skins from Pwal:

- Riley Scott mkIIIA "Dyson" #16 and #20 ALMS2002

- Riley Scott mkIIIA "Dyson" #16 and #20 ALMS1999

- Riley Scott mkIIIA "Team Rafanelli SRL" #0 ALMS1999

- New skins from Basukid:

- Ferrari 333 "Moretti racing" #3 Le Mans 1998

- New skins from Basukid/Pwal:

- Ferrari 333 "Doran Enterprises" #27 and #36 ALMS1999

- New skins from Steven Kilsdonk modified by Basukid:

- Courage C51 Porsche "Pescarolo Promotion Racing Team" #14 LEMANS1999

- New skins from Rdubouil:

- Courage C60 "SMG" #17 LEMANS2000

- BMW LM 98 "Team BMW Motorsport" #1 and #2 LEMANS1998

- BMW LM 98 "Thomas Bscher Promotion" #15 LEMANS2000

- Cadillac LMP01 "Dams" #5 and #6 LEMANS2001

- Courage LC70 "Courage Competition" #12 and #13 LMS2007

- Audi R8 "Audi Sport Team Joest" #1 LEMANS2001

- Audi R8 "Audi Sport North America" #2 LEMANS2001

- Courage C51 "Courage Competition" #13 and #14 LEMANS1998

- Courage C52 "Pescarolo Sport" #16 LEMANS2000

- New skins from RSDG:

- Riley Scott mkIIIA "Riley Scott Europe" #31 and #32 LEMANS1999

- Nasamax DM139 and Protran RS06H from Wildman added (modifications of the

Genstring of the Reynard 01Q needed) and skin from Wildman:

- Nasamax DM139 "Nasamax" #14 LMES04

- Tires corrected on the Courage LC70,

- Pirelli tires created for the Courage C60,

- Good Year tires created for the BMW LM 98,

- Cockpits created for the Acura/LC70/LC75 and Riley Scott mkIIIA,

- Courage C41/50/51/52 all types aded (from the C51 by Virtua-LM),

- gdb single modified for all these new models,

- genstring modified for the Cadillac LMP01,

- Physics, engine and sounds created for the Courage C41/50/51/52 (all types),

- Audi R8 body n°4 model corrected,

- Lola B2K40 "Van der Steuer" ALMS 2005 model added,

- Limp speed on the steering wheels on the Cadillac LMP02,

- Courage C60 Hybrid of XGoogleX added (in the Courage C65) with remapping and normals corrected

plus 3D elements (hood/airflow):

- Courage C60 H "Courage Competition" #12 et #13 LEMANS2005

- Genstring corrected on the Courage C65,

- Creation by Perfectdark of the Acura ARX01b (from the 01a)

- Cadillac Northstar engine corrected,

- Acuras corrected,

- Modifications on the wheels of the Ferrari 333SP by Speedfreak1975,

- bug corrected on the dammages of the cars by PhilH959,

- Physics corrections for BMW LMR (consommation), Acura, Lola B05-40, Ryley Scott MK A,

- physics added on Courage C60 Judd Hybrid, Acura ARX01b, LC70, LC75

- Panoz GTR1 of the FIA-GT97 converted,

- Creation of the Panoz GTP new elements,

- Physics/sounds of the panoz GTR1/GTP Created

- Tires corrected,

v2.39 (to apply on the v2.38 release)

- toyota LM1998 in the good year now,

- lights seen now on the Lister LMP,

- Tracks associated to the mod changed (championships and gdb changed also), no more AI track pack needed,

- Some bugs corrected on the championships,

- cockpit corrections on the Bentley, Mercedes CLR and Toyota GT-One (wipers, cockpit shadows, leds,...),

- windscreen shadows corrected + rain added on Bentley, Mercedes CLR and Toyota GT-One,

- no more frontflap for the Audis, Reynard 01Q Nasamax (genstring changed) and Riley Scott LM2003,

Dome "Racing for holland" LM2002/03, Audi Champion LM2004, Creation CA06H (genstring changed) and C65 Barazi LM06

- Good rear wing for the Bentley ALMS 2003 n°7,

- Bug resolved for Pilbeam MP91 lights,

- Physics corrected for the Audi R8 and RS Spyder,

- Max speeds of the LM99 cars increased,

- Bug resolved on some LM99 cars (you can?t restart them)

- categories changed for the FERRARI333--> F333, BMW_LM98--> BM_LM98, BMW_LMR--> BM_LMR,


PILBEAMMP91 --> PILB_MP91, to resolve problem with original categories of GTR2.

- New skins from Basukid:

- Ferrari 333 "J.B. Jabouille-Bouresche" LM99 #29

- MGEx257 "MG Sport & Racing Ltd" LM01 #33 and #34

- New skin from Arnage:

- Courage C65 "Kruse Motorsport" LMS06 #44

- For the F333, lights corrected and rear wing "moyen1" improved,

- F333 refueling changed,

- MG ex257 style 2 have now red leds like the real one,

- repartition on the Le Mans gdb changed and now rolling start (LMRT help),

- Cockpits bugs corrected on MgEx257/B01-60,

- Nights reflects and lights corrected for the Porche RS Spyder Evo,

- Sounds changed for the RS Spyder,

- GT ALMS categories changed,

- AudiR8 pit problem corrected,

- motecs corrected on Lola B98-10 (Max RPM settings),

- Wheels positions corrected on the Mercedes CLR,

- Tire names changed,

09/03/08 v2.38 (release):

- gdb LMES/LM inverted (bug),

- Championships modifications,

- New icons,

- .txt and engine pictures added,

- 2 new championships ALMS 2008 and LMES 2008 (with LE MANS 2008),

- Chris Duncan skins added:

- Creation CA06-H Creation Autosportif LEMANS2006 #9

- Creation CA06-H Creation Autosportif LMS2006 #9

- Creation CA06-H Creation Autosportif ALMS2006 #88

- Gaussian Blur skins added:

- Creation CA06-H Autocon Motorsport #12 ALMS 2007

- Serode skins added:

- Reynard 2KQ "Johansson Matthews Racing" #24 LEMANS2000

- Team LMRT skins added:

- WR LMP02 "Welter Gerard" #25 LEMANS2003

- AudiR8 engine modification by team LMRT,

- Lola B2K10 Ford limpspeed modified,

- new wheels:

- Michelin and Dunlop for Reynard 01Q,

- Michelin 2 for Audi R8,

- Dunlop for Dome S101,

- Michelin 1 and 2 for LolaB01-60,

- Michelin 2 for Zytek04S,

- Michelin 2 for Courage C60,

- Michelin 2 for Dallara,

- Michelin 2 for Panoz LMP07,

- Pirelli pour Panoz LMP01,

- Michelin for Lola B98-10,

- Pirelli, Dunlop noir, Michelin, Yokohama, Kumho, Good-Year gold, Dunlop silver

and Kumho gold for Courage C65,

- Michelin blue/silver, Yokohama, Michelin 2 for Reynard 2KQ,

- Dunlop and Kumho for Creation 06-H,

- Dunlop for Porsche RS Spyder evo,

- Materials modification for the Reynard 01Q et 2KQ,

- Specific RS Spyder dyson engine suppressed,

- reflects changed and optimisation of the Zytek04S and Creation 06H,

- peugeot 3L Gerard Welter LM2003 added,

- Physics/engine changed for the BMW LMR, BMW LM98, Nissan R391, Lola B98-10, Audi R8R, RS Spyder 2008

- .rcd of Gabiani changed,

- Car classes corrected to make them more conform (GT1 for Toyota GT1 1998 and GTP for Bentley for example)

- All classes modified to be able to integrate the GT cars of other mods (and Le Mans 1995-1997) and to be

able to choose all the classes (LMRT help),

- motecs corrected due to the engines changes,

- Ford engine for the Panoz LMP01 of 1999,

- Category names modification: LMP900 --> P900 and LMP675 --> P675 (LMRT help),

- RS Spyder Evo rearwing remapped, last changes on this model,

- Physics/engine changes on the audiR8 and year 2000-2003 and 2004+ differenciation.

- rear-view mirrors modified on the Courage C60, Lola B01-60, Lola B98-10, Creation 06H and Lola B2K10,

25/02/08 v2.37 (not released):

- Gear change on the steering wheel for the Porsche RS Spyder 2006,

- New steering wheel for the Porsche RS Spyder,

- New engines for the Porsche RS Spyder,

- Textures/reflects/positions cockpit and exterior shadows changes for the RS Spyder,

- Audi R8R changes: motec/cockpit/lights/backfires/exhaust/fuel positions/steering wheel,

- Lights corrections on the F333.

- BMW LM98 changes: motec/cockpit/lights/seat/backfires/exhaust/fuel positions/steering wheel

- BMW LMR changes: motec/cockpit/lights/seat/backfires/exhaust/fuel positions/steering wheel

- New BMW Motec,

- Arnage skins added:

- Lola B01-60 Intersport Racing LM2004 #27

- Lola B2K40 Miracle Motorsport ALMS2004 #10

- Lola B2K40 Miracle Motorsport ALMS2004 #11

- Discpad skins added:

- Lola B2K40 Intersport Racing LM2004 #32

- Basukid skins added:

- F333SP Jabouille-Bouresche LM1998 #5

- F333SP Pilot Racing LM1998 #10 of an unknown author updated

- F333SP Doyle Risi Racing LM1998 #12

- Larov skins added:

- Porsche RS Spyder Horag LMS2008 #27

- Porsche RS Spyder Essex LMS2008 #31

- Porsche RS Spyder Van Merksteijn Motorsport LMS2008 #34

- Colvin skins added:

- Porsche RS Spyder "Penske Racing" ALMS2007 #6 and #7

- Porsche RS Spyder "Dyson Racing" ALMS2007 #16 and #20

- Rear wing n°1 of the Lola B2K40 upgraded.

- New wheels and lights for the Lola B2K40 (genstring modified)

- rearview mirrors changed on the AudiR8R,

- settings modifications for the steering wheel/backfires/exhaust/seat/lights/Fuel gap/cockpits/motecs on the:

Mercedes CLR/ToyotaGT-One/Lola B98-10/Nissan R391/Pilbeam MP91/Cadillac LMP00/Lister LMP/Creation06-H

- Graphics bugs corrected on the Nissan R391,

- Motecs settings for the AudiR8R, BMW LM98, Porsche RS Spyder,

- Cockpit positions modified on the Audi R8R and BMW LM98.

- Judd V10 sounds for the Creation CA06H,

- Millington engine for the Lola B2K40 "Marshall Cooke Racing",

- Lincoln engine for the Riley Scott Mk IIIc "Dyson Racing" and "American Spirit Racing",

- JuddV8 engine for the Pilbeam MP91 "K2 Race Engineering"

- JPX engine for the other Pilbeam MP91 and the Courage C65 "Epsilon Sport" LEMANS2004

- Mecachrome engine 3,4L V8 for the Courage C65 "Paul Belmondo Racing" 06036, 6136, 6137, 6237 and "Noel del bello" 05031, 05121, 05131

- Porsche 3,2L V6 engine for the Lola B2K10 Champion Racing,

- housework in the .cas,

- RS Spyder mask corrected,

- Modifications done by Ibne integrated on the RS Spyder,

- 2 new suits by Colvin,

- motecs corrected: WR LMP, Riley, Panoz LMP01Evo,

- Pictures of all the new engines done,

- Modifications on the mod to Split it in 4 packs: one for the models and 3 for the skins: ALMS/LM/LMES

- directories renammed, .txt modified, engine pictures moved,

- F333 lights modified (new type and some corrections)

21/01/08 v2.36 (not released):

- New Lola MG Ex 257 Le Mans 2001 model

- New Pescarolo Courage C60 Le Mans 2002 model (rear wing by XgoggleX)

- Update of all the physics of the Virtua-LM models.

- Cadillac LMP 2000 by RSDG added (with no skin),

- graphic correction of the Panoz LMP01, 2 .car removed.

- SSM models added:

- Lister LMP

- Pilbeam MP91 (with a big remapping)

- Courage Acura ARX upgraded in Courage LC75 and Courage LC70 by John Borelli.

- Lola B98-10 modified: less high position and central mirror modified.

- Number correction for the Toyota GTOne 99002 --> 99102

- new Panoz LMP01 of 1999 and low level model corrected for other years,

- Arnage skins added:

- Panoz LMP01 "Panoz Motorsport" #1 and #2 ALMS1999

- Panoz LMP01 "Panoz Motorsport" #11 and #12 LEMANS1999

- Courage C60 JX "SMG" #19 LEMANS2001

- Pilbeam MP84 "S+R Rowan Racing" #35 LEMANS2001

- Chrysler LMP "Viper Team Oreca" #14 LEMANS2001

- Chrysler LMP "Viper Team Oreca" #15 LEMANS2001

- Chrysler LMP "Team Playstation" #16 LEMANS2001

- Serode skins added:

- Lola B2K10 "Team Rafanelli SRL" #21 LEMANS2000

- Cadillac LMP 00 "Dams" #3 et #4 LEMANS2000

- Audi R8 "Audi Sport North America" #2 ALMS2006

- Richward skins added:

- Dallara LMP "Rollcenter Racing" #6 LMES2004

- SSM skins updated by Perfectdark added:

- Pilbeam MP91 "K2 Race Engineeering" #34 LMES2004

- Pilbeam MP91 "Pierre Bruneau" #99 LMES2004

- Pilbeam MP91 "Team Bucknum Racing" #23 LEMANS2003

- SSM skins added:

- Lister LMP "Lister Racing" #4 LEMANS1000k2003,

- Lister LMP "Lister Racing" #20 LEMANS2003,

- XGogglesX skins added:

- Lister LMP "Lister Racing" #20 LMES2004,

- Gaussian Blur skins added:

- Lola MG Ex 257 "Autocon Motorsports" #12 ALMS2007

- Lola MG Ex 257 "Highcroft Racing" #9 ALMS2006

- unknown author skins added (add-ons cars of SCC of the RSC forum):

- Toyota GT-One "Toyota Motorsport" #27, 28 et 29 LE MANS 1998

- Ferrari F333 "Pilot Racing" #10 LE MANS 1998

- New wing for the Dallara,

- New helmet,

- St Petersburg added. ALMS 2007 championship modified,

- 2 new tires for the Lola MG Ex 257.

- A lot of pilot/pitcrew suits done by Carskindesign (too to quote them here).

- Hicroft Racing and Autocon motorsport suits by Gaussian Blur

- Reynard 2KQ "Mopar Team Oreca" 2000 corrected by Basukid

- Cadillacs LEMANS 2002 corrected (no winglets, thanks basukid)

- Nissan engine upgrade for the Pilbeam,

- 4 new helmets (for the Porsche RS Spyder) by Bathman06.

- Bentley "high level" corrected.

- U/V full Remapping for the Zytek 06/Creation CA06-H and the Courage LC75/Acura/LC70.

- New templates for the Zytek 06/Creation CA06-H.

- New engines/physics/sounds moteur/physiques/sons for the Chrysler LMP,

- New engines/physics/sounds Zytek 06 for the (moteurs Judd5L and Zytek4L),

- New engines Chrysler for the Reynard 2KQ,

- Motec for the Acura/LC75/LC70 added,

- Sounds corrected on the BMW LMR and BMW LM98

- Physics corrected on the BMW LMR

- new shadows in exterior/exterior on all the models (bug) with some improves,

- MANS 1998 added,

- keygen changed plus changes of the Lola B01-60/MG Ex257 (suspensions), Bentley Speed 8 (seats), Riley Scott MkIIIc (splitter/wing)

and Ferrari333SP (new lights/wing/longtail version)

- corrections on all the .cas (housework),

- Creation or correction of the external windows of the Lola B2K10, Courage C60 and C65, Lola B01/60, Audi R8.

- Optimisation for all the .cas.

- Modification and addition of new versions for the Ferrari 333SP (new lights/wing/splitter/body/wheels...). With

ameliorations (seat/ring/exterior cockpit/low level details/...).

- texture name corrected for the Lola B01-60 airbox.

- Porsche RS Spyder 2006 and 2007 moved on a single model. models and skins upgraded to finalize it:

- graphics bugs corrected (body/cockpit)

- wheels

- lights

- mapping (parts distinguished)

- cockpit

- Ferrari engine for the F333,

- Chrysler LMP physics corrected,

- Acura height corrected,

16/11/07 v2.35 (not released):

- v2.0 of the porsche RS Spyder by Ibne integrated.

- Virtua-LM cars added:

- Mercedes CLR

- Toyota GT-One

- Audi R8R

- Lola B98-10 (3 different models)

- BMW V12 LM 98 (mirror modification by Basukid)

- Virtua-LM skins added:

- Mercedes CLR "AMG Mercedes" #4, #5 and #6 LEMANS1999 ,

- Toyota GT-One "Toyota Motorsports" #1, #2 and #3 LEMANS1999,

- Audi R8R "Audi Sport Team Joest" #7 and #8 LEMANS1999,

- Lola B98-10 "Dams" #25 LEMANS1999,

- Lola B98-10 "Konrad Motorsport" #26 LEMANS1999,

- Lola B98-10 "Kremer Racing" #27 LEMANS1999,

- BMW V12 LM 98 "Price+Bscher" #18 LEMANS1999,

- BMW V12 LM 98 "Team Goh" #19 LEMANS1999,

- XgogglesX skins added after a PerfectDark modification:

- Dome S101 "Racing for Holland" #9 LEMANS 2001

- Dome S101 "Racing for Holland" #16 LEMANS 2002

- Correction of the skins and 3D models,

- Spring64 skins added:

- Dome S101 "Kondo Racing" #9 LEMANS2004

- Arnage skins added:

- Lola MG Ex257 "RML" #25 LEMANS2004,

- Panoz LMP07 "MBD Sportcars" #19 LEMANS 2002,

- Courage C65 "Barazi Kruse Motorsport" #30 ALMS 2005,

- Steven Kilsdonk skins added:

- Lola B98-10 "Dams" #10 LEMANS2002,

- Interior suit/exterior suit/pitcrew suit added done by CarskinDesign:

- Courage Competition 3013 (C60)

- Courage Competition 2113 (C60)

- Miracle Motorsports (C65)

- Number correction Panoz LMP01Evo 02011 --> 02111

- Number correction Courage C65:

04010 --> 04110, 04013 --> 04213, 05030 --> 05230, 05037 --> 05137,

05137 --> 05237, 05130 --> 05330, 06037 --> 06137, 06137 --> 06237,

06027 --> 06127,

- Number correction BMW V12 LMR:

99015 --> 99115, 99016 --> 99116

- Number correction Mercedes CLR 99006 --> 99106

- Number correction Reynard 2KQ 00006 --> 00106

- Number correction Audi R8:

00009 --> 00109, 03006 --> 03106, 04008 --> 04108, 04108 --> 04208

- Number correction Riley Mk3c 03006 --> 03206

- Number correction Dome S101 03015 --> 03115

- Number correction WR LMP 02024 --> 02124

- Number correction Reynard 01Q 03001 --> 03101

- Number correction Lola B2K40 04003 --> 04130

- Number correction MG EX257 04007 --> 04207

- Number correction Zytek 04S 05115 --> 05215

- Category change for the Reynard 2KQ "Johansson Matthews Racing"

- Suspensions modifications,

- Files not necessary removed,

- Size of the dome wheels "Yokohama" changed and transparencies changed at high speed.

- position changed and optimisation for the suspensions of the reynard 01Q et 2KQ.

- 9 new helmets,

- Helmet model modified.

- rear wing of the Panoz LMP07 modified,

- Physics/engine of the Porsche RS Spyder 2005/2006 et 2007 upgraded,

- new Physics/engine for the Mercedes CLR/Nissan R391/BMW LMR/BMW LM/Audi R8R/Toyota GT One

- new Physics/engine/sounds for the Acura ARX,

- Cockpit modification for the BMW LMR et LM98.

- Bentley buttons modified

- New dome model 2001-2003 with a third light (gmt, textures, .cas and genstrings modified).

- new panoz LMP01 1999 model (gmt and .cas modified)

31/10/07 v2.34 (not released):

- Acura ARX of John Borelli added

- modifications of the winglets, blades above the tires, lights, U/V mapping and

wheels and bumps on the hood added

- skins added:

- Acura ARX "Andretti Green Racing" #26 ALMS2007 by John Borelli

- New physics/engine/sounds for the RS Spyder 2006 and 2007

- textures modifications of the RS spyder ALMS 2007 by Larov

- New physics/engine/sounds for the BMW LMR

- graphic Patch on the Ferrari 333 by Danny Piquet.

- Nissan R391 by Virtua-LM added

- Skins added:

- Nissan R391 "Nissan Motorsports" #22 et #23 LEMANS1999 by Virtua-LM

22/10/07 v2.33 (not released)

- Cars added (thanks to the authors):

- BMW LMR by Virtua-LM,

- Porsche RS Spyder 2005/2006 by WaterFord

- Porsche RS Spyder 2007 by Ibne.

- skins added:

- BMW V12 LMR "BMW Motorsport" #42 and #43 ALMS2000 by Virtua-LM

- BMW V12 LMR "BMW Motorsport" #42 ALMS1999 by JoeIMSA/CrivitzChris

- BMW V12 LMR "BMW Motorsport" #43 ALMS1999 by JoeIMSA

- BMW V12 LMR "BMW Motorsport" #15, #16 and #17 LEMANS1999 by Virtua-LM

- Porsche RS Spyder 2007 "Penske Racing" ALMS2007 #6 and #7 by Larov

- Porsche RS Spyder 2007 "Dyson Racing" ALMS2007 #16 and #20 by Larov

- Porsche RS Spyder 2006 "Penske Racing" ALMS2006 #6 and #7 by WaterFord

21/10/07 v2.32:

- Car types available modified in the .gdb (15 more) and categories corrections (audi/Lola B2K42/Zytek).

- Scca1981 graphic patch integrated and adjustements cause of the bugs already corrected by the v2.31

- Graphics modifications on the Cadillac LMP1 / Cadillac LMP2

- Positions on the Panoz01/01Evo/07 corrected

- Seat adjustements corrected on all the cars,

- Cars done by Arnage added:

- Courage C65 "Barazzi Epsilon" #33 ALMS2006

- Courage C65 "Miracle Motorsport" #10 ALMS2006

- Courage C65 "B-K Motorsports" #8 ALMS2006

- Lola MG Ex257 "Autocon Motorsports" #12 ALMS2006

- Graphics modifications on the motecs.

- Lola B160/MG Ex 257 . cas corrected

- GTR2 bug corrected (session displayed even if you don?t want when there?s 2 motecs).

06/10/07 v2.31:

- pit team textures added for Bentley/Cadillac LMP01/02/Courage C60 type 1,

- bug on Courage C60 splitter corrected,

- Audi R8 .cas corrected,

- Panoz LMP07 Elan limp speed corrected,

- Cadillac LMP02 converted to the "GTR2 standard",

- splitter corrected on Dallara LMP.

30/09/07 v2.30:

- 3D cockpit corrected for the domes,

- bug corrected for Lola MG ex257 (thanks Steven Kilsdonk),

- bug corrected for LMP01Evo LEMANS 2003,

- bug corrected for .cas #2 of the Riley,

- Tires Positions corrected for the F333,

- motecs settings changed for the F333 and Dome Mugen,

- engine corrected for the Audi R8,

- engine corrected for the Reynard 2KQ Mopar,

- Elan engine for the PanozLMP07 "Panoz Motorsport"

- AER engine for the Lola B2K40 "BAT Competition"

- New tires.

- New cars of Serode:

- 3 Audi R8 "Audi Sport Team Joest" #7, #8 and #9 LEMANS 2000

- 2 Panoz LMP01 "TV Asahi Team Dragon" #22 and #23 LEMANS 2000

- 2 Panoz LMP01 "Panoz Motor Sports" #11 and #12 LEMANS 2000

- New cars of Steven Kilsdonk:

- WR LMP 01 "Welter Gerard" #25 LEMANS 2002

- WR LMP 02 "AutoExe Motorsports" #24 LEMANS 2002

- 2 Cadillac LMP02 "Cadillac" #6 and #7 LEMANS 2002

- New cars of XGoogleX:

- Dome S101 "Team Den Bla Avis" LM2001 #10

- Lola B2K40 "BAT Competition" ALMS05 #7

- New cars of Arnage:

- Courage C65 "Epsilon Sport" LEMANS2004 #35

- 2 Courage C65 "Paul Belmondo Racing" LMES2006 #36 and #37

- Courage C65 "Barazzi / Epsilon Euskadi" LMES 2006 #32

- New cars of David Williams: Lola B2K10 "Phil Creighton Motorsports" ALMS2000 #8,

- New cars of Icedob:

- 2 Dallara LMP "Dallara Oreca" #14 and #15 LEMANS 2002

- New cars of RSDG:

- 2 PanozLMP7 "Team Panoz" #11 and #12 LEMANS 2001

- Motecs corrected:

Panoz LMP01, Courage C65, Lola B01-60, Panoz LMP01 Evo, WR LMP, Zytek 04S, Panoz LMP07, Reynard 01Q,

Pilbeam MP84, Reynard 2KQ, Riley & Scott MkIII Series C,

- tracks associated to the mod updated.

- Tracks correction patch improved.

- Pilot bodies added:

Bentley, Cadillac LMP01 et 02.

23/09/07 v2.29:

- bentley motec corrected (leds colors, reflects, night color),

- Riley Scott n°2 motec corrected (night color),

- showroom caracteristics added,

- Engines corrected for a lot of cars,

- Ford V8 engine for the Riley Scott Mk IIIc "Riley & Scott US",

- New physics/engine for the Reynard 02S / DBA4 03S / Zytek 04S.

- Mugen engine created,

- Lights created:

Bentley Speed 8, Dallara LMP, WR LMP, Panoz LMP01/01Evo/07, Dome S101, Cadillac LMP01/02,

Courage C60/C65, Ferrari 333 SP, Lola B01-60/MG Ex 257, Pilbeam MP84, Reynard 01Q/2KQ,

Riley & Scott MkIII Series C, Zytek 04S.

- Seats added, exterior/interior cockpits improved:

Cadillac LMP2, Panoz LMP01/01Evo/07, Reynard 01Q/2KQ, Riley & Scott MkIII Series C,

Dome S101, WR LMP01/02, Dallara LMP, Courage C60/C65.

- New cars of Arnage:

- Courage C65 "Noel del bello" LM2005 #31 (utilisation du nouvel airbox)

- Courage C65 "G-Force" LM 2006 #35

- 2 Courage C65 "Paul Belmondo Racing" LM 2005 #36 and #37

- Courage C65 "Barazzi / Epsilon Euskadi" LM 2006 #32

- Courage C65 "G-Force Racing" LMES 2006 #35 (livree Spa)

- Courage C65 "Intersport Racing" LM2005 #33

- Courage C65 "Paul Belmondo Racing" LM 2004 #37

- New cars of Klo-Che:

- 2 Courage C65 "Noel del bello" LMES2005 #21 and #31

- 2 Courage C65 "Paul Belmondo Racing" LMES2005 #36 and #37

- Courage C65 "Kruse Motorsports" LMES2005 #30

- Courage C65 "G-Force Racing" LMES2005 #35

- New cars of Steven Kilsdonk:

- Panoz LMP01 "Dams" LEMANS2002 #22

- 2 Panoz LMP01 Evo "Panoz Motor Sports" LEMANS2002 #11 and # 12

- Audi R8 "Team Oreca" LMES2005 #4

- Audi R8 "Team Oreca" LEMANS2005 #4

- 2 Audi R8 "Champion Racing" ALMS2005 #1 and #2

- 2 Audi R8 "Champion Racing" LEMANS2005 #2 and #3

- 2 Audi R8 "Audi Sport Team Joest" LEMANS2002 #1 and #3

- Audi R8 "Audi Sport North America" LEMANS2002 #2

- Audi R8 "Audi Sport Team Goh" LEMANS2002 #5

- 2 Lola MG Ex 257 "Dyson racing" ALMS2005 #16 and #20

- Lola MG Ex 257 "Knight Hawk Racing" LEMANS2002 #30

- 2 Lola MG Ex 257 "MG Sport & Racing" LEMANS2002 #26 and #27

- RileyScott Mk3C "Riley & Scott Racing" LEMANS2002 #4

- Reynard 2KQ "ROC" LEMANS2002 #28

- Reynard 2KQ "Noel Del Bello" LEMANS2002 #29

- New cars of XGoogleX:

- Courage C65 "Paul Belmondo Racing" LMES2004 #26

- Zytek 04S "Zytek Motorsport" ALMS2005 #15

- Zytek 04S "Zytek Motorsport" LMES2005 #15

- DBA4 03S "Creation Autosportif" LEMANS2005 #7

- 2 Courage C60 "Pescarolo sport" LEMANS2001 #17 and #18

- Courage C60 "Courage Competition" LEMANS2002 #13

- New cars of Ttucker77:

- Courage C65 "Kruse Motorsports" ALMS2005 #27

- RileyScott Mk3C "Autocon Motorsports" ALMS2005 #12

- New cars of Andrew Bainbridge:

- Panoz LMP01 "Den Bla Avis" LEMANS2000 #10

- 2 Reynard 2KQ "Mopar team oreca" LEMANS2000 #5 and #6

- New cars of Melo: Courage C65 "BK Motorsports" ALMS2005 #08

- New cars of Frosty20: Courage C65 "Miracle Motorsports" ALMS2005 #10

- New cars of Fosca-Pwal: 2 Reynard 2KQ "Johansson Matthews Racing" ALMS2000 #36 and #39

- New cars of Ravenscraig: Panoz LMP01 "Panoz Motor Sports" ALMS2001 #49

- New cars of Scott Michaels: Courage C65 "Miracle Motorsports" LM2005 #34

- Championships corrected and year 1999, 2006 and 2007 added

- combinaison number corrected.

- audi lights problem corrected.

- lights name problem for the Lola B01-60/MG Ex257 corrected

- transparencies bug for Lola MG Ex257 n°03014 lights corrected.

- Motecs corrected:

Bentley Speed 8, Cadillac LMP01, Cadillac LMP02, Courage C60, Dallara LMP,

Dome S101, Ferrari 333SP.

02/09/07 v2.28:

- New generic textures high quality for Lola B2K10/40/42.

- New seasons 1999/2006/2007

- New cars of team SSM:

- Lola B2K10 "Taurus Sport" LEMANS 1000K 2003

- ANew cars of Pwal:

- Lola B2K40 "Marshall Cooke Racing" ALMS 2004

- New cars of Arnage:

- Courage C65 Paul Belmondo Racing LM2006 #36

- Courage C65 Paul Belmondo Racing LM2006 #37

- Courage C65 G-Force Racing LM2005 #35

- Courage C65 Miracle Motorsports LM2006 #27

- Courage C65 Kruse Motorsport LM2005 #30

- New cars of team RSDG:

- conversion/improvement of Dome S101 2004 (LMES et LM) with specific tires

- Kondo Racing LMES 2004 #9

- New motecs, cockpits improved:

- Reynard 2KQ,

- Reynard 01Q (2),

- Panoz LMP7,

- Dallara LMP,

- Cadillac LMP02 (2),

- Riley & Scott MkIII Series C (2),

- Panoz LMP01,

- Panoz LMP01 Evo,

- Lola B01-60/MG Ex 257 (3),

- Courage C60 / Pescarolo C60 (2),

- Cadillac LMP01,

- Courage C65,


- Ferrari 333,

- Bentley Speed 8,

- Pilbeam MP84,

- Zytek 04S.

- Eyepoint positions improved for all cars,

l?ancienne release,

- Neq airbox type for the Courage C65,

- Interior Cockpit partially redone for Cadillac LMP1, Pilbeam MP91 and Zytek,

- Exterior Cockpit redone for Pilbeam MP84 and Zytek,

- Suspensions added for the Zytek,

15/08/07 v2.27:

- creation of the tires for:

Dallara, Ryley, Lola B160, Lola MG Ex 257, Reynard 01Q/2KQ, Panoz LMP01/01Evo,

Ferrari 333, Pescarolo C60, Dome S101, WR LMP01/02, Pilbeam MP84, Courage C65,

Cadillac LMP01/02, Panoz LMP07, Reynard 02S, DBA4 03S, Zytek 04S

- shadows improved for all the cars.

19/07/07 v2.26:

- New generic textures high quality for Audis R8.

- backfires creations

- ALMS/LMES 2005 championship modified

- 2005 year added

- "cars" and "championships" types corrected

- New cars of team SSM:

- Audi R8 "Audi Sport Japan Team GOH" LEMANS 2003

- Audi R8 "Audi Sport UK" LEMANS 2003

- Audi R8 "Champion Racing" LEMANS 2003

- Reynard 01Q "Fred Goddard Racing" LEMANS 1000K 2003

- Courage C60 "Pescarolo Sport" LEMANS 1000K 2003

- Riley & Scott Mk III C "Intersport Racing" LEMANS 1000K 2003

- Dome S101 "Racing for Holland" LEMANS 1000K 2003

- Pilbeam MP84 "Pierre Bruneau" LEMANS 1000K 2003

- WR LMP "Rachel Welter" Le Mans 1000km 2003

- Lola MG Ex257 "RML" Le Mans 1000km 2003

- Lola B01-60 "Intersport Racing" Le Mans 1000km 2003

- Audi R8 "Audi Sport Japan Team Goh" Le Mans 1000km 2003

- Zytek 04S "Team Jota" LMES 2005

- DBA4 03S "Creation Autosportif" LMES 2005

- 2 Pescarolo C60 Hybrid "Pescarolo Sport" n°16 and 17 Le Mans 2005

- New Le Mans 1000km 2003 championship

- Engine/physics for the F333, Lola B01-60 and MG ex Lola 257

- Tires,brakes,... created and shadows improved for the Bentley speed 8.

07/07/07 v2.25:

- Adjustement for positions of the mufflers smokes,

- Adjustement for positions of the fuel perchs,

- Adjustement for positions of the external pilot

- Adjustement for positions in cockpit of the Hands, foot, eyes, shifting.

- Adjustement of the views

- Correction of the 3D cockpits models

- Reflects correction for Reynard 01Q

- New cars of team SSM:

- Courage C60 "Courage Compétition" JX (moteur Judd) LEMANS 2003

- DBA4 03S RN Motorsport LEMANS 2003

- Reynard 02S "YGK Reynard Neilson" ALMS 2002

- DBA4 03S "Création Autosportif" ALMS 2004

- DBA4 03S "Creation autosportif" LMES 2004

- zytek 04S "Zitek Engineering" LMES 2004

- Zytek 04S "Team Jota" LMES 2004

- 2 Dome S101 Racing For Holland n°15 and n°16 LEMANS 2003

- Dome S101 Kondo Racing n°9 LEMANS 2003

- Perscarolo C60 LMES 2004

- 2 Perscarolo C60 n°17 and n°18 LEMANS 2003

- 2 Perscarolo C60 n°17 and n°18 LEMANS 2004

- Riley & Scott "Riley & Scott USA" LEMANS 2003

- Reynard 01Q "Nasamax" LEMANS 2003

- 2 Panoz LMP01 "JML team Panoz" n°11 and n°12 LEMANS 2003

- 2 Bentley Speed 8 "Bentley" n°7 and n°8 LEMANS 2003

- Lola MG EX257 "Intersport Racing" LEMANS 2003

- reynard 2KQ "Noel Del Bello Racing" LEMANS 2003

- WR LMP01 "Rachel Welter" LEMANS 2003

- New engines, physics and sounds (Courage C65, WR LMP01/LMP02,...)

- New showroom files

- Reynard 02S / DBA4 03S / Zytek 04S wheels corrected

- Pescarolo C60 2003-2005 cockpits corrected

- New categories (not enough place to move all in the same file)

- Le Mans 24H race corrected (you can choise the year of the cars).

21/06/07: v2.24:

- New beta-cars added:

- 1 Pescarolo C60

- 2 Pescarolo C65

- 1WR LMP01,

- 1 WR LMP02,

- 2 bentley Speed 8,

- 1 dome S101,

- 1 Ferrari 333,

- 2 cars not included in the original mod added:

- 1 Zytek 04S Le Mans 2004 done by Icedob

- 1 Courage Competition Courage C65 AER #31 Le Mans 2004 done by RSDG / Scott Michaels

- all speculars corrected.

12/06/07: v2.23:

- New beta-cars added:

- 5 Reynard 2KQ

- 2 Dallara LMP 2002/2003

- upgrade of:

- 1 Reynard 01Q

- 1 Dallara LMP 2004

10/06/07: v2.22:

- bugs corrected on the riley scott / F333 / Bentley

- New beta-cars added:

- 5 Panoz LMP01

- 4 Panoz LMP01 Evo

- 2 Panoz LMP07

- 2 Cadillac LMP01

- 2 Cadillac LMP02

- select categories, helmets and .rcd changed.

07/06/07: v2.21:

- New beta-cars added:

- 5 Pilbeam MP84

- 11 Lola B01-60 / MG Ex 257

- select categories changed.

- Low and High resolution textures and generic textures added for the Riley Scott

as the Pilbeam / Lola B01-60 / MG Ex 257.

- helmets textures and rcd files added to the new cars (since v2.11)

- Riley renammed (textures, gmt,...)

03/06/07: v2.20:

- new beta cars added:

- 1 Bentley Speed 8

- 1 Panoz LMP1 Evo

- 1 Ferrari 333 SP

- 1 Courage C60

- 1 Dallara LMP

- 1 Dome S101

- 1 Cadillac 01

- 1 Lola B160

- 1 Reynard 01Q

- 7 Ryley Scott MkIIIc

- select categories changed.

- .car names changed (lmp1 and lmp2)

17/05/07: v2.11

- pilot helmets display distance increased

- arms textures added

- veloqx team pit Bug corrected

- The Intersport B2K40 of R. Lidell don?t go faster than a lot of LMP1 (rcd duplication corrected)

- AI corrected (new tires / hdc)

- limp speeds of the intersport B2K40 changed (the AI don?t used the 6th)

- New physics

- Sound volume of certain cars increased

- LMES championships corrected (you can do a partial race now)

- .gtr "talent" creation.

- sounds added for the Lola B2K10 with Ford engine

- Gravity center lowered for the prototypes

09/05/07: v2.1

- All textures compressed, size increase for avoiding quality loss

- textures added for pitcrew and pitchief

- specular textures added to the models to correct reflects.

- Waiting time for selecting vehicles in the showroom decreased,

- .rcd modified.

- pitgroups names removed

- LMGT1 and LMGT2 classes added in all the championships and the SIM_ProtoSCC.gdb,

- Maximum vehicles numbers associated to the tracks corrected in all championships.

- Championships improved, now the time of the ALMS championships will be good.

04/05/07: v2.02

- back brakes corrected for all cars

- Reflects modified for the helmets

- .rcd added for the AI.

- points of the ALMS championships corrected

- diskglows correction (less present now)

- tracks pack removed (on the asking of an author), circuitsProtoSCC.txt and

tracksProtoSCC.txt created

30/04/07: v2.01

- Creation of a corrective patch of the tracks AI:

- Searspoint: impossible to do a rolling start without that, the pacecar was blocked on the stands

and the green light was never released

- Trois-rivières: space bar teleport everywhere without that

- Limerock: the pacecar was not well placed: in the middle of the track!!!

- MidOhio: no pacecar in the warm-up lap and in the pit

- Longbeach: no pacecar in the pit after the warm-up lap

- Jarama: no pacecar in the warm-up lap and in the pit

- Nurburgring: problem of trajectory in the last turn (they exploded a pile of tire or in a barrier). Modifications

on two gmt of the track (a pile of tire and the shadow associated). Modification of the trajectories done by Greybrad.

28/04/07: v2.0

- Création d?un pack de circuit associés aux championnats créés,

- Championships Corrections and Ameliorations,

- Konrad engine modification,

- Disglow less present,

- Tracks corrections (pacecar, teleport, crashes,...) for MidOhio,

Limerock, Trois-Rivieres, Searpoint, LongBeach, Jarama, Istanbul

- Tracks object modification for Nurburgring.

- pits repartition changed,

- The championships have a hazardous weather and the 1000km races had the good distance.

- Position of all fuel perchs fixed and creation of a fuel trap on the Lola B2K42.

- Modification of all wheels to prevent a possible bug.

- Istambul track added for the LMES 2005 championship.

- Pilots textures added (external view).

21/04/07: v1.5

- specific cube map on the B2K40,

- 5 New Models of tires for Lola B2K40 and B2K10,

- Optimization of the positions of the hands inside & outside

- to move back and resize the aft wheels B2K40/42

- Wheels without shades B2K10/40/42

- Read-me in English added

- New motor Ford for Lola B2K10 Konrad

- Gear change palets corrected in AudiR8

- Categories renamed for correcting a bug,

- files of the cars with same year and number renamed for correcting a bug,

- showroom caracteristics added

- positions and sizes of the seats corrected

- New LMES, ALMS championships and LeMans24H race

15/04/07: v1.4

- optimization of the wheels on Lola B2K10/B2K40/B2K42

- improvement of the modeling of all the wheels (pallets of shifting of


on the AudiR8, addition of chrome screws,...)

- The wheels of AudiR8 & Lola B2K10 turn well on their axes now

- Now, speeds occur at the wheel on AudiR8

- bug of the position speeds of Lola B2K10/40/42 is removed

- optimization of FWLA on Lola B2K10

- optimization of the headlights and suppression of the bug on Lola B2K10

(creation of a new model )

- optimized shades and suppression of associated bug on AudiR8 (modification


gmt and creation of a new model)

- addition of specific Cube map on AudiR8 & Lola B2K10/42

- Creation of new classes

- and especially !!! Creation of 21 new cars.

13/04/07: Beta 1.31

- Creation of new helmets control which move with the G force.

- Insertion in the cockpits body?s model of pilot moving their arms

(textures remaining to finalize )

- suppression of a cockpit bug on Lola B2K10 in high level detail

- Adjustments of all barregraphs RPM and the leds associated in cockpit

on all the models

- Modification of the grounds in the cockpits of Lola B2K10

- suppression of discglow in the showroom

- suppression of the pilot in the showroom

- The teams of the stands have different textures according to the stables

(textures remaining to finalize )

- Positioning of the gear shift levers according to pilot positioning.

- insertion of 11 new not yet converted cars.

03/04/07: Beta 1.3

- suppression of the problems of tires size of the B2K40

- sounds Modification on the Lola B2K40

- Adjustments of all the mufflers

- Now, The colors of the rear lights are red as on the original MOD

26/03/07: Beta 1.22

- suppresion of a bug on the backfires

- Sounds Modification on the Audi: shifting of speed, backfires and choke

- sounds Modification on the Lola B2K10 JuddV10 motor:

motor, backfires, Shifting of speed and choke.

23/03/07: Beta 1.21

- Sounds, motorss and physics complete

- Addition of an "installator"

20/03/07: Beta 1.2

- Sounds and physics by Serode integrated

- Rcd By Po911

- Creation of ALMS 2005 Championship by Po911

20/03/07: Beta 1.1

- suppression of a bug on the "American Spirit Racing" n°11 in hight detail.

18/03/07: Beta 1.0

- Initial version carried out by PerfectDark with

Lola B2k/10, Lola B2k/40, Lola B2k42 et Audi R8.

Click here to download this file

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Guest pieromonty

Hi everyone, I don't know if can speak Italian so I use English,,

I have a question about this mod...how can I install it? :oops: 

DO I have to move those files in the directory of the game?

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Hi Guys

I really think, who can help in your job.

This man have enough 3d models: tanks, cars, helicopters 

For examples Bentley Speed 8 2003

I think, it`s interesting for you

Have a nice day!


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