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Drive by BeamNG

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Lucio Distilleri

qualcuno che lo possiede sa se il g27/t500 è compatibile? ai tempi in cui provai non lo era...

Edited by Lucio Distilleri

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Version was released :



  • Fixed backward compatibility of mods: name.cs file is used now as well as the part configs are working now. Also removed 'unknown' category.
  • Fixed startup default resolution possibly too big for screen
  • Fixed screen stuttering in scenarios: Avoiding redundant state changes in rendering
  • Adding missing runtime DLLs for launcher in case the vcredist failed to install properly
  • Fixed missing default unit system: defaults to imperial now
  • Fixed problems with the theme colors
  • Fixed a crash involving missing decals
  • Upgraded LuaJIT version: lots of fixes, fixes some Lua memory problems
  • Fixed issue with xinput where it showed strange messages about missing DLLs to users
  • Fixed crash on particles upon context switch
  • Fixed crash on inability to write the imposter texture to disk
  • Fixed vehicle "types" are populated from the actual vehicles.
  • Fix for an issue with fullscreen toggling
  • Fixed an issue with the vehicle cache
  • Improvements to key binder
  • Added brake information for wheels in GUI streams
  • Increased the speed of the clutch


  • Improved performance on JRI by roughly 10%
  • Completed a new stretch of road on JRI
  • Added new dirt road textures to JRI
  • Added new vegetation object to JRI (alternate species of the filler)
  • Updated old barriers on Derby
  • Hatch: fixed incorrect deformation of windshield cracks, suspension improvements, pbrake shudder reduced
  • Added "vehicle-filter" to UI selector

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Week 27 of 2015: Progress report


Here's some of our changes since the last release, we have some heavy background work going on so we will release the update when it's ready. smile.png


  • New and improved ABS system
  • G27 steering wheel RPM LEDs working
  • Added force-feedback defaults to Fanatec and T500RS wheels
  • New main menu background images - Higher quality and more appealing (work in progress)
  • Mouse buttons, axes, and wheel binding support (work in progress)

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Lucio Distilleri

io non ho capito la direzione... cosa diventerà, un gioco di rally? autosconto? freeworld?

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