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We just updated to the latest version of Torque3D and there are some nice new features, like the new specular settings which make convincing wet materials
Disclaimer: pics unrelated to development (or lack of) of rain feature.

10288761_628298243924916_733275081119999 10312551_628298250591582_554955906663354

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We finally found and fixed the cause of the flexmeshes lagging slighty, that was one of the remaining blocking bugs that are left smile.png
Also fixed the Crash To Desktop (CTD) when changing the options, worked on the UI, added Culling for shadow casters to increase performance, fixed zero sized beams ripping vehicles vehicles apart and lots more.
And for the eyecandy, Sam worked a lot on the terrains, added lots of little details. These screenshots were taken with rather extreme postfx settings (more DoF, Blur, etc)


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Sto aspettando con impazienza il nuovo update......

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It's now on the corner of the big straight and compared to the rest of the track is remarkably easy to drive through at high speed biggrin.png
I had to make a custom mesh for it so I put a camera bookmark down and took a screenshot every now and again so you guys could see a timelapse of the process:


And a still of the result:


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0.3.3 released: Crash to desktop fixed, vehicle spawning fixed


The "Spawn new" Button works better now, just don't press it too quickly, or this happens wink.png

Changelog 0.3.2 > 0.3.3:


  • Fixed game crash (lua stackoverflow) when running the game for a bit longer
  • Fixed resource error when loading DRI
  • Fixed "spawn new vehicle" function: not spawning inside the other car anymore
  • Improved world editor: now using window resolution correctly: right windows will be correctly on the right side of the screen now (side effect: saves your windowed resolution)
  • Improved player spawning: thePlayer is now visible in the scene tree and will not be saved when saving the level
  • Fixed crash reporting up: updated crashreport tool, improved the way it works, fixed ability to use/run the game even if the system is missing
  • Fixed some app minimal size bugs on persistence saving
  • Fixed DirectX: proper offline installation now
  • Rewrote level saving a bit
  • Improved bananabech: improved output formatting, added RAM and OS info
  • Beam break debug working again: if in debug mode, broken beamns will print to the message app
  • Fixed part manager when no props are present
  • Lua instances have log names now. S0 = system lua, V0 = first vehicle lua, V1 = second vehicle, etc
  • Increased accuracy of friction
  • Improved tiremarks: now with better placement and sizing
  • Fixed bug in slidenodes: now resetting correctly
  • Added new lua function: setNodeMass(nodeid, mass)
  • New 3D feature: decal roads have fading now, reducing the visible tri count a lot
  • Fixed 3D feature: re-added mieScattering setting for scattersky
  • Improved 3D feature: decal sorting now faster using two lists: one sorted, one unsorted
  • New 3D feature: Add DecalRoad TS interface to get its nodes
  • Doubled vehicle render distance from 250m to 500m

How to update: Start menu > BeamNG > Update

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