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Modmates rFactor FXAA

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E' disponibile questo piccolo add-on che ha lo scopo di migliorare la grafica di rFactor, aggiungendo alcuni effetti che non erano presenti nella release ufficiale. Può avere un forte impatto sulle prestazioni, quindi è consigliabile utilizzarlo solo con schede recenti, dalla GeForce GTX 560 in su (e ATI equivalenti). Chi avesse cali di framerate può provare la versione Light.

I finally present my Fxaa injector setup (author of injector app is Timothy Lottes )

Its a graphic enhancement wich adds different shaders and effects (Bloom, HDR...) to your DX9 game.

You may discover some serious performance drop therfore a GFX card up a gtx560 is recommend.

I got a Gtx 570 and ingame everything maxed out and without Vsync i reach a min. of 100FPS.

- The "b" version is for use with RFdynHUD

- For all with older GFX card or FPS problems , you may try the LIGHT version.

PCG07 on Brands Hatch all maxed out +RFdynHUD and Full FXAA

Download all versions and nfo:


Thx to all testers again:




-Robert Gödicke

-Max Melamed



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sbaglio o sono gli enb series?

Esattamente. Soltanto che (per una volta) sembra esserci stato un lavoro un minimo sensato dietro. :biggrin:

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Carino, ma non riesco ad usare la combinazione di tasti, se pigio shift + F12 non succede assolutamente niente! :wtf:

EDIT: trovato l'inghippo, il readme di installazione e' sbagliato, per attivare/disattivare gli effetti bisogna premere il tasto "pausa"...

Edited by 2slow4u

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Guest modmate


I dont understand all of the above but just want to make clear that there was a mistake in the readme. I´ve uploaded a new version with a corrected readme file.

Enabling the effect works for sure with Pause/break key!!

Was a bit late while writing that readme, also i did release a ENB series also some weeks ago ,thats why.

To explain, added was Bloom,HDR, Technicolor, a sepia filter and sharpenig filters. If you use the full version with my desired Nvidia Inspector settings its looking like in the video i posted and also isnt any wayshed out in replays anymore.

If you get performance problems you may use the light version wich got some effects disabled but still adds somewhat like a better immersion.

Hope you enjoy.

Greets Modmate

Edited by modmate

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