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Renault Clio 197 by ISI v 1.63


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pero'.. mi sembra cambiato in meglio l' ffb !

Ora sento bene sul volante anche la trazione quando do' di gas

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si guida che e una vera meraviglia.c'è stato un miglioramento sia graficamente che come guidabilità,bravi stiamo su una buona strada.

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Scusate non è difficile, Basta disinstallare la versione 1.0 dal Manage Mod o addirittura manuale, e avrai solo L'update...1.41 delle Clio :dente: semplicissimo... :wave:

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

In what is effectively a complete overhaul, we’re very happy to bring you version 1.51 of the Renault Clio 197. This fun little car seems (in the words of one of our testers) a little more “grown up” now… You can download the latest version here.
Note: Uninstall previous version(s) before installing the new one. Previous versions will show under Mlt in mod manager, new one will show under Veh.

Clio Cup v1.51 changelog (from v1.41):
- Switched to ‘WheelsIncludeAllTireMass’ fix.
- Moved to UltraChassis with flex, and slightly better geometry.
- Better motion ratios on account of newer push-rod parameters and slightly soften front ARB to what should be a more realistic level.
- Misc tyre tweaks, more detailed lookup table and extra nodes should make them more accurate over a wider range of conditions. Wear has also been reduced.
- More realistic front and rear brake fade characteristics.
- Auto ignition-cut on upshifts.
- Maximized under tray collision points (up to 12 from 6).
- New steering system.
- Increased CG (on account of better data).
- Auto-clutch more useful (more aggressively adjusted).
- Damage tweaks (slightly stronger suspension against mild contacts).
- Updated shaders.
- Updated driver model.
- Tweaked headlight parameters.
- Liveries replaced/updated/added, all built against an improved template.
- Updated icons.
- Updated to use latest internal / external sound attenuation variables.
- Updated to newest camera standard (centered bonnet cam, etc) and removed a couple excessive cams.
- Minor AI tweaks to correlate slightly closer to player physics.
- Removed some now obsolete lines.
- Plus other miscellaneous tweaks.

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  • DrivingItalia.NET VIP

Attualmente, per quanto mi riguarda questo è IL mod per rF2: 'ste scatolette mi stanno divertendo un mondo. :rally:

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