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Williams JPH1B FIA F2 by ISI v1.41

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Added 2 remaining drivers that participated in the Formula 2 2012 championship.

Mathéo Tuscher driver talent file and veh names did not match (thus loading default driver talent properties).

#14 Livery painting outlines removed.

#15 missing number and logo added to livery.

#27 added missing driver. With family wholesome livery.

Front wing end-plates are now detachable, along with some minor damage tweaks.

AI tweaks.

Small Camera tweaks.

Sounds have been tweaked, more specifically there are new more appropriate turbo dump sounds, and various tweaks to volumes and attenuations for certain samples. Also now using separate internal vs external attenuation for opponent vehicles (as made available from build 218+).

Low downforce (Monza spec) configuration now available (as an upgrade), including taller 6th ratio.

Front Ride Height now adjustable in 0.5mm increments.

Tyre pressure adjustable ranges now more accurate, and also set on a per track basis (assuming it's referenced correctly).

Accurate per track baseline setup.

Redesigned tyres from scratch (does not mean the car will feel completely different).
- Inclusive of build 146+ tyre wear and degradation.

Minor engine power curve fix and slight reduction in engine braking.

Aerodynamic tweaks to maintain a more accurate balance when using settings in between minimum and maximum values. Also slight increase to drag when running super low ride heights.


Minor LOD distance tweaks.

Updated to latest spec shaders.

Updated to use latest rF2 driver model.

Annunciato oggi l'acquisto dei diritti ufficiali del campionato FIA Formula 2.
Il tutto sarà rilasciato nei prossimi mesi.

Formula Two announces new partnership with rFactor2
All 2012 JPH1B cars to feature in latest version of worldwide racing simulation
The FIA Formula Two Championship is pleased to announce a new partnership with Image Space Incorporated (ISI), makers of leading racing simulator rFactor, which will see its entire 2012 grid featured in the brand new rFactor2.
rFactor2 is the forthcoming sequel to the award winning computer racing simulation which has become the standard for a simulated racing experience. Developed by ISI, who also produced the Formula 1TM titles for EA Games, the company has more than 20 years' experience in the market, developing racing software used by both amateurs and professional racing teams.
Due for release later in the year, all of this season's upgraded JPH1B F2 cars - featuring new Yokohama tyres and carbon brakes - will appear on the new version, with each one recreated with meticulous detail. Every aspect of the Williams designed car, from handling characteristics through to the pitch of its 500bhp 1.8-litre turbocharged engine, have been captured, aided by Formula Two's Chief Engineer James Goodfield.

"We've spent many hours working with ISI to ensure we recreate the highly sophisticated and new-spec F2 car with the utmost accuracy, right down to the physics and the engine note," said Goodfield. "We're very pleased with the results and feel confident it will provide professional racing drivers, as well as amateurs, with a simulation as close to the real thing as possible."
He added: "Having all of this year's cars and their liveries featured will also provide increased exposure to our drivers and their sponsors thanks to the global following of rFactor."

Timothy Wheatley, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Licensing at rFactor, commented: "We are extremely happy to work with the FIA Formula Two Championship and MotorSport Vision to bring the Williams JPH1B Formula Two car to rFactor2.
"It is exciting to know that budding race car drivers and members of the general public alike, will be able to train and have fun with this car using our software.
"rFactor2 is a major advancement in home simulation technology, as for the first time drivers are tested by a changing environment. Drivers will cope with different levels of track grip, changing light, a full wet-dry weather system and an ultra-realistic tyre model."
rFactor2 is schedule to be released later in the year with further details available at http://rfactor.net/web/rf2/. For more information on the Formula Two series visit www.formulatwo.com


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Da Twitter:

We're working on Turbos, yes. (That was an answer to all those questions about it since the Formula Two partnership was announced). :)

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qualcosa si muove...

The upcoming Formula Two mod has been added to rF2 Rank, so those of you on the internal beta team can proceed to upload your laptimes.
Posted by Tim Wheatley

Hoover adds it once he knows our car names used, really doesn't predict release, except this time he might be.

Devs are not having much fun with turbos, pain to do, but that will probably be the major feature added with the F2 that you guys have been waiting for from ISI for 10+ years.

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stando all'articolo sul test odierno con il leader del campionato F2, pare che la gold (versione pubblica con demo) dovrebbe essere rilasciata verso dicembre:

fra l'altro, magari saranno dichiarazioni di circostanza, ma sembra che il test sia andato molto bene.

Bacheta said: "It's been great to be able to help out with the development of the new rFactor2 and I was pleasantly surprised how similar it is to driving the actual F2 car. There are a few tweaks we'd like to make to ensure it's as close to perfect as possible but I can see myself spending a lot time on rF2 when it's released!"

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Edited by Mauro

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Si ci siamo. Quando uscì la beta (gennaio 2012) i rumors erano per una durata di 6 mesi e poi l'uscita della Gold, ma erano rumors. Mentre ISI si sono presi il doppio del tempo (sicuramente + carne al fuoco) così come si sono presi il doppio del tempo per sviluppare il titolo completo. Hanno cominciato lo sviluppo di rF2 nel 2008 (se penso che i rumors lo davano già in uscita nel 2009 :doh: )e lo faranno uscire a 2012 concluso, quindi siamo a 4+ anni, diciamo quasi il doppio rispetto ad uno sviluppo standard, ed è per questo che non avranno + il bacino di utenza che avevano con rF1. Infatti alcuni sono migrati su iRacing, alcuni andranno su AC ed altri su pCARS: my2c :wink:

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Formula 2 driver Luciano Bacheta test drives the F2 car in the latest version of the forthcoming rFactor2 to help developers fine-tune their simulation. Filmed at Base Performance Simulators in Banbury, UK.

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